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Video: Rick Ross ft. John Legend – Magnificent

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31 Responses to “Video: Rick Ross ft. John Legend – Magnificent”

  1. 911 Says:

    damn son. fix this.

  2. Chiba Chiba Y'ALL Says:

    All u sideline haters have to give it to Ross…
    Even with all the skits andyoutube trickery 50’s been puttin out,
    he still has’nt done shit to fuck with Ross’ leaked tracks and new video

  3. dAVID Says:

    This nigga a fraud fo real. ANd btw
    tAKEOVER > ether

  4. Chiba Chiba Y'ALL Says:

    Video is hot

  5. beantownbeaner11 Says:

    RAWSE!!!!!…wearing small suit…..very failure…this is whack

  6. samsohn Says:

    That’s a really REALLY upclass jail.
    And I’ve NEVER seen a C.O. wearing white after labor day.

  7. Mr.Dean Says:


  8. SDP Says:



  9. 911 Says:

    This Is A BANGER.

    *Imagine* In the whip with a smut, summertime, AC on full blast, headed to the telly*

    Fucking magnificent.

  10. EBOC Says:


  11. misterchane Says:

    super smooth summer song
    reminds me of the Avery Storm assisted jam on Trilla
    his rapping has improved mightily in the span of 3 LP’s
    I agree the suits were too small
    looking like a black Billy Sherbert in the casino scenes
    and an African Bobby ” Bacala” Baccalieri (sopranos) every other shot

    aside from a bad showing from the styling team
    I thought the horse track was a interesting concept for a rap video
    and I might actually check for Deeper Than Rap

  12. Boo Boo Says:

    Pawns all the way to Queens?

  13. kintell Says:

    i never heard this shit on the radio.have you?

    and fuck this frauds whole rented life.fuck the rented suit,mansion,bitches and friends,horses and john legend.

    and most of all fuck the police!!!

  14. ian Says:

    > i never heard this shit on the radio.have you?

    Sh-t is all over Hot 97 here in NYC so i gotta imagine its getting killed at least in Miami if not all over the South too?

  15. Seth Gueko Says:

    MAGNIFICIENT it’s A Hit !!!
    DEEPER THAN RAP > Before i self destruct

  16. Joe Turksta Says:

    This song is actually pretty good. Doesn’t beat his opening joint or Hustlin’ of Port Of Miami – But this is ill.

  17. we stone Says:

    prodigy – you can never feel my pain

  18. rrahha Says:

    officer RICKY!!! radio for backup…

  19. George Says:

    Everything in that video is str8 rented – even Rawse’s beard.

  20. ian Says:

    > Everything in that video is str8 rented

    Which makes it like 99% of all other music videos. So what? I’m not even a Rick Ross fan and call him Officer Ricky like all his other detractors but real is real: the song and video are both very good.

  21. alonzo Says:

    good shyt….

    deeper than rap > shitty’s BISD

  22. (SEX)avier Says:

    video is tough
    gotta love him still taking shots at boo boo tho
    “im the king make a move/ pawns all the way to queens”

  23. ONCE AGAIN Says:

    dope video, beat is knockin hard, fantastic hook = banger.

  24. Chadillac Says:

    I was wondering why this beat sounded so fucking familiar…….dude up there got it. One of HNIC’s sickest deepest tracks. You Can Never Feel My Pain

  25. bxcapo Says:

    shit is wack, there is no urge to turn it up when you here it – just one more of the many rap/ r&b collabo’s when a rapper tryin to sell, nothing special to it- officer ricky the real ross comin home soon! –

  26. officerRicky Says:

    ricky sucks

  27. GMZ Says:

    Maybe he was takin shots at Fif before dropping Mafia Music…but my guess is this song was completed well before Mafia Music ever dropped…I know I downloaded it a minute go right off of this website…song is hot…commercial hook…its business…you gotta sell records…I think 50 gave up on the beef and now he’s trying to create a character out of Pimpin Curly….wait until this nigga drop a Pimpin Curly straight to DVD movie…

    Rawse is false…everyone knows…but you can’t body a nigga’s career if you’re not at the top anymore…Cigar Music is still my shit though

  28. GMZ Says:

    Viva La Hova [Hov]; Comeback Season [Drake] ; Room For Improvement [Drake] ; So Far Gone [Drake] ; Thank You [Nickelus F]…..that’s all I’ve been rocking lately….Jada’s mixtape was a lot of re-released material….I’m waiting to see what his album looks like.

    I’m semi-waiting on Cam’s album, but not really. Only things I’m looking forward to is the Clipse album and Jada’s album.

  29. mustafa Says:

    I’m sorry he played this track over a gay porn dis youtube can’t get that outa my mind (ew) Outside of that I can’t believe anything that comes out of his face he’s a fraud, so the song may have a cool hook but I don’t believe the lyrics from messenger

  30. lea Says:

    why is that i always see John legends sac in his pants….should they be that tight!!! this song was always hot before the beef started!!! i dont see the beef affecting Ross…..however its not helping him either! hell prolly do his same numbers

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