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Tom Gist – One of a Kind (Mixtape)


And in this corner, weighing in at a staggering 46 tracks, hailing from Harlem…

1.Tom Gist – Intro
2.Tom Gist – Superstar
3.Tom Gist – Warm It Up
4.Tom Gist – Tru Music 16
5.Tom Gist – Gist Checks In
6.Tom Gist – Members & Friends
7.Tom Gist – Guttaman (Freestyle)
8.Tom Gist – Robin’ & Stealin’
9.Tom Gist – Gist Checks In
10.Tom Gist Ft. Cam’ron – Kill My Dog
11.Tom Gist Ft. Cam’ron, Sin & Bezel – This Is Gangsta (Remix)
12.Tom Gist Ft. Phaze, Ali & Mizz – Go Hard
13.Tom Gist – Think Out Loud
14.Tom Gist – Gist Checks In
15.Tom Gist – We Can Make It
16.Tom Gist Ft. S.A.S. – Anywhere
17.Tom Gist Ft. Geolani, St. Laz & Chozen Few – Free
18.Tom Gist – Computer Love (Freestyle)
19.Tom Gist – Why?
20.Tom Gist Ft. Dinero – Clap
21.Tom Gist – Love The Loot
22.Tom Gist – Stillmatic (H.O.O.D.)
23.Tom Gist Ft. Ransom – Nobody
24.Tom Gist – I’m Sick
25.Tom Gist – One Of A Kind
26.Tom Gist – I Wanna Win27.Tom Gist – What I Do
28.Tom Gist – Dramasetterz (Freestyle)
29.Tom Gist Ft. Zaki & Arowbe – Once Upon A Time
30.Tom Gist – One Wish
31.Tom Gist – Watching Every Day Go Bye
32.Tom Gist Ft. Penz – My Eyes
33.Tom Gist – Whats Love?
34.Tom Gist – Freestyle
35.Tom Gist – Dedication
36.Tom Gist – Creep Story
37.Tom Gist – What If?
38.Tom Gist Ft. Blinks & Ed James – My Rhymes
39.Tom Gist – Robocop
40.Tom Gist – Wake Up
41.Tom Gist Ft. Mahdi – Drama
42.Tom Gist – Ditty Bop
43.Tom Gist Ft. Seven, Bathgate & Arty Clay – Stop
44.Tom Gist Ft. Choir Boy & Devlaree – Hold On
45.Tom Gist – I Can leave Now
46.Tom Gist – Outro

Tom Gist – One of a Kind (Mixtape)

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15 Responses to “Tom Gist – One of a Kind (Mixtape)”

  1. Yung Ho Says:

    this is landlords nigga, no ty and buddens

  2. Seth Gueko Says:

    twista tung youtube.com/watch?v=ynmglhaUtyk

  3. Darth Cipher Says:

    # Seth Gueko Says:
    March 7th, 2009 at 7:08 pm

    Dizee Rascal too

    yeah he’s got a quick flow too, but he rarely uses it… btu when he does, damn

  4. Seth Gueko Says:

    tung twista, bone thug n harmony

  5. M.Tyson Says:

    slow day esk?..no hot rod mixtape on the way?

  6. Darth Cipher Says:


    Dizzee picks up the pace but still not super fast

  7. Seth Gueko Says:

    dizzee rascal would can have a commercial success in the usa if he signs with a major label like bad boy ?

  8. k1ng Says:

    youtube.com/watch?v=u8JccfCnskE <–my boi frm nyc probably one of the fastest ive seen.

  9. Seth Gueko Says:

    the most faster rapper feat the most faster of da famous faster rapper (aka twista)

  10. El_Feces_Loco Says:

    BLACK NIGGER BITCHES of NYC are confused and TOO demanding and think a WHITE DUDE will be the answer to her problems not knowing he’s just as fucked up as us.

    ^^yo my nigga try CT..if you lookin for an educated black chick(nice with the pen and the notepad) that thinks shes white(freaks in bed), not so great of a body, but a great mind, non talker or asker of questions, but kinna boring when you aint having sex then try CT.

    If you looking for a down ass street chick with low SAT’s but gotta banging body, rides motorcycles, gets it poppin in the streets, thinks Joe Buddens is pussy and will first ask you if you mind if her and her girlfriend and you get it poppin then try NJ.

    If you looking to hear sob stories about exes, rent status, how niggas aint shit, whats on sale at Gucci, girl on girl love without including the dudes..then stay in NY.

    LF:I fucks with Tom Gist..blue collar rapper.

  11. HAHAHAHAHA Says:

    love tom gist but i hate the fact that hes trying so hard to show that watch off in the pic…makes him look mad corny

  12. HAHAHAHAHA Says:

    not to mention the fact that its the same watch in this picture


  13. L Says:

    durrty goodz > dizee rascal


    i luv gist , good lookin

  14. jamaalrashad Says:

    i fuck with gist

  15. Buttfuqqa Nacca Says:

    Gist got a phatter scrotum than Juelz.

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