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Video: P.Twitty TV Episodes 1-5

this Twitter shit retarded – Killa

Puff’s in the studio working on Last Train to Paris and dicking around on Twitter.

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UPDATE: Episodes 2-5 after the jump. 2min late-night hourly updates, ending with KFC vs Popeye’s @ 5am. Damn you for making me hungry when I can’t eat!

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16 Responses to “Video: P.Twitty TV Episodes 1-5”

  1. samsohn Says:


  2. Kell-El Says:

    Paris >

  3. Legend Says:

    *DEAD* @ P.Twitty

  4. Brooklyn Boy Says:


  5. Trap Scrapper aka R.Watson aka Nanyanen Says:

    What kinds grown man names hisself Twitty?

  6. Kell-El Says:

    *Does P. Diddy dance when no one is looking*

  7. Kell-El Says:

    Trap Scrapper aka R.Watson aka Nanyanen Says:

    March 5th, 2009 at 1:08 am
    What kinds grown man names hisself Twitty?

    ^ A dude who says phrases like perserving his sexy, twit that twit that twit that

  8. A tribe called quest Says:

    Let me get my diddy on

    If ya’ll aint following me you lost. Ya’ll can suck my blue shlong

    Click the name

  9. TC Says:

    Who can do this nation?

  10. anons Says:

    we in here makin that train music…


    *blank stare*

  11. Smear Says:

    Ya’ll can suck my blue shlong
    you’re a smurf?

  12. Macaroni with the Cheese Says:

    Follow Woodro on twitter twitter.com/woodr0

  13. Pudo Says:

    Is it me or did Diddy, twitty, P Twitty, (whatever he’s calling himself these days) seem a little high on the nose candy. Maybe it’s just me, maybe he is normally that pumped. But anyways, the real answer I’m looking for is where the hell is Cassie. If I were diddy I wouldn’t let the chick out of my site.

    Nothing < Guess

  14. Yooj‽ Says:

    *has memorized the puff sean c grip*

    -best moment.

  15. robin banks Says:

    diddy did seem coked up.
    watch him pour that drink, he moves all fast and just seems like he is lol.

  16. KodakBoi Says:

    Follow KidduNot.com On Twitter, http://www.twitter.com/KidduNotDotCom

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