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Nickelus F – Make Em Say Ugh Freestyle

The Thank You Version: Pi mixtape drops tomorrow later today.

Nickelus F – Make Em Say Ugh Freestyle

Previously: Nickelus F – Heathen (Video)

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15 Responses to “Nickelus F – Make Em Say Ugh Freestyle”

  1. wavy is a cliche Says:

    nivea fell the fuck off

  2. AmpGeez a.k.a. Hate Is The New Love Says:

    I’m that fire in the hole, battle of the 4
    Lock & loaded, I cock, pop, you stop, drop & roll
    Inhale the weed & blow the fire through my nose
    Catch you comin’ out the club, you comin’ outcha clothes
    Nigga try to resist, he gonna be exposed
    When I grab the volcano & spit fire out the hole
    The opposite of cold, the pilot on the stove
    They shook up, freeze, put the wildin’ on hold
    Me up in the pen because another brotha told?
    No (Click, Pow!) Tag on his toe
    Wave the white flag when that mag to his ‘fro
    Rob’ll mop the floor wit em, we come at niggas throats
    Raw rhyme for bread, come back wit the loaf
    Break it down with the squadron, go coast to coast
    Meet me in the square, we can go toast for toast
    You brought a knife to a gunfight, you ‘posed to go

  3. Bananas the Ape Says:

    Williamsburg is a good area

  4. ant Says:

    nivea fell the fuck off

    ^^way off….i was jus watchen that shit

  5. wavy is a cliche Says:

    the real world was filmed in redhook

  6. wavy is a cliche Says:

    redhook is not around the corner from williamsburg

  7. Bananas the Ape Says:

    wavy is a cliche Says:

    March 5th, 2009 at 12:49 am
    redhook is not around the corner from williamsburg

    aight but you got the point you just being analitical now

  8. nation Says:

    Nas said:

    “i never see no losses, i only see we won (one)”


  9. AmpGeez a.k.a. Hate Is The New Love Says:

    The Boss is back, we been bout money
    Traitors get clapped, the cross is fuckery
    In the hood I get respect like Sonny
    You can check my rap, my name bigger then the jumbo crack
    I be a liar, say I never got nervous, when I was flippin that “Curtis”
    But I was broke & fiends needed my service
    I’m still broke so it defeated the purpose
    (So what the fuck was it for?)
    I’m rappin’ now & the shit is a circus
    You got clown niggas runnin’ the circuit
    Let them Boss niggas through so your money be worth it
    We here now, ain’t no closin’ the curtains
    That means, no laughin, no jokin, no smilin, no smirkin
    You front & I’m squeezin, you sleep & I’m lurkin
    I’m up in your crib, I’m schemin, I’m searchin
    I got the 40 Cal strapped on my person
    And murder’s one thing for certain, I hit the jackpot, believe me I’m merkin

  10. AmpGeez a.k.a. Hate Is The New Love Says:

    When these niggas gon learn, man this world don’t give a fuck about you
    Niggas re-route you, your own bitches doubt you
    Neighbors talk to police about you
    Watch you broke, can’t wait to see the day you go
    They say you movin too fast, I say you movin slow
    Slow money betta then no money but need mo’
    One gun betta then no gun, I squeeze low
    And hit the first nigga I see up in my peephole
    I hope y’all see me, baggin’ up by the TV
    Tryin’ to get money for Niecy, yellin’ “It ain’t easy”
    Cause she need me, picture a black man yellin’ “Feed me!”
    Another black man turnin his back cause he greedy
    I get the cops called on me one more time by my sister,
    They finally send my ass up north I won’t miss ya
    Just tell Nicey what you did to Daddy & don’t kiss her
    Cause you the reason she aggy, sleeping with my picture

  11. Garth Says:

    uuuuuuuuuuughhhhhhhh!!!! Classick beat & he goes in!!!! love it!!! CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS!!

  12. Money Ray Says:

    this nigga goes in! I’ma be back later for this mixtape.

  13. GMZ Says:

    this nigga reps my city properly…his mixtape and Drake’s mixtapes are all I’ve been rocking lately…but this nigga is ill

  14. GMZ Says:

    nahright is slippin…..I already got this nigga’s mixtape from 2dopeboyz…its all new music cartel anyways…


  15. GMZ Says:

    My b…..there is a revised version of the mixtape dropping as well

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