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Video: Crooked I Admits He Was Shot At

Full story @ MTV:

Was dude [with the camera phone] trying to get me to stand still? Was he in on it? Was it a coincidence? I don’t know… I’m relaxed around the hip-hop fans. I’m a very accessible dude. When dude came up and was like, ‘Can you give me a shout out?’ I’m like, ‘Cool, what do you want me to say?’ Three seconds later, I hear a noise. I [was] so far removed from the fact it can be gunshots. Then I turn around and see sparks. That’s strange.”

That’s where Crooked stops detailing the story — he refuses to elaborate on whether the assailants’ bullets actually struck him. “Where I’m from, certain things you can’t talk about. It’s illegal to our code and how we live.”

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14 Responses to “Video: Crooked I Admits He Was Shot At”

  1. OWWW Says:


  2. OWWW Says:

    “it’s deeper than rap!”


  3. geico lizard Says:

    Crooked I takes that shyne and busta rhymes approach to not snitching.

  4. al bundy Says:

    `bwahahahaha @ crooked I tryna get a buzz… nobody shot at him.. talkin bout he heard shot’s turned around and saw sparks.. bwahhahahahhahahaa what a liar

  5. Kid Icarus Says:

    “its a code” fuck outta here. thats why they still cant find BIG’s killer. Wake the fuck up you a grown ass man. this aint high school.

  6. Kid Icarus Says:

    dont let nobody shush you

  7. Beyonder Says:

    Here we go wit dat “no snitch’n” shit again. Did this fool not see Cam’s 60 minute spot? Not the best way to advance yuh career son! Might dead it actually. I bet killas (cam pun intended) love no snitch’n. “You mean I can kill and attempt to kill black people and they won’t even tell on me.” Damn! Will Obama talk to these obamas!

  8. Eighty's Baby Says:

    Man Crook dont give a fuck about no 60 minutes. Dont expect him to say jack shit.

  9. Venom (www.mamasmule.com) Says:

    SMH @ rappers still being ignorant ass fools…

  10. HAHAHAHAHA Says:

    lmaoo what code says u cant say u got shot if u got shot??? how is that snitching?? lol this fool is trying to get all the publicity he can from this shit….WE DONT BELIVE YOU YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE!!!


  11. Amalgam Digital Blog Says:

    Crooked I Admits He Was Shot At…

    Crooked I admits to Sway that he was shot at, but is alive and not hurt

  12. Ron Says:

    Ah man, I didn’t think this dude would try a publicity stunt like this. well didn’t take long for the bitch to come out. Homie, “where you from” niggas don’t get shot or shot at and run to MTV with a interview. Watch yaself its duck hunting season.

  13. Big Mike Says:

    Yall sound suspect as hell! If you have ever been through this type of shit, you would know that as soon as you open up your mouth the police is recording what you say and taking notes on paper. After they do that, they will build up a case against the offender based off of your words even if you don’t point a person out. They will piece together info provided by you and witnesses to get the full story. The offenders lawyer will motion for the DA to provide the source of this info. The offenders lawyer will then get a piece of paper with all statements (including who they came from) and then you have witnesses getting killed and the victim will have a BIG problem to deal with. The police ain’t gonna keep you safe once the State has enough evidence to pick up the case. If the State picks up the case, it’s out of the victims hands but that person has to deal with the repercussions of snitching.

    Crooked I did the right thing. Even if you did get shot, you don’t say it. The police take every little bit of info to prosecute the offender. I wouldn’t have even said how the shots were fired though. I don’t think it was a publicity stunt, but you never know unless you were there. I’ve been shot at from close range while sitting in a car. Nigga put a pistol in my passenger window and fired 5 shots. I didn’t get hit once, but I saw them sparks flying. I know what Crooked is saying. Thats some real shit right there. It ain’t pretty.

    p.s. I saw detective’s circling the block after they heard the shots and I ain’t point no fingers. Some things are best handled alone.

  14. nonficction Says:

    Its not a stunt when other confirmed it happend and the hood is warmed up.

    Dude got caught in a twist and survived. Catz see life differently after surviving shots. With that said.. he aint saying nothing cuz he doesn’t have to. Long beach is a big city… thats small when it comes to politics. He knows who tried to twist him. He’s probably trying to figure out if its worth getting back..and if so how. Do you fall back into that shyt or keep your forward motion. Do you put that on your family or put that on yourself… or leave it up 2 god 2 fix?

    dude truly talented tho… in la it can an will go down. random as fuck. Wrong place wrong time = out of bounds and way 2 comfy.
    he knows first hand now.

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