Video: Twista – Birthday (Behind the Scenes)

Peep the exclusive behind the scenes footage from Twista’s “Birthday” (Prod. by Swizz Beatz) video shoot.  All I’m going to say is that there is plenty of eye candy on this one.  Well worth your time!

Props to Andrew

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8 Responses to “Video: Twista – Birthday (Behind the Scenes)”

  1. moneyray aka i comment on nahright so fuck 50 Says:

    easy children Queens is in the buildin


    “Twista Time!” (c) Swizz Beatz

  3. Carlos Voltron Says:

    Didn’t 50 didn’t do something with birthday already in the hook? I know there’s nothing original under the sun but damn Twista step your game up.

  4. Bananas the Ape Says:

    my neighbor is getting on my last fucking nerves, today is chore day so I passed her at the laundry mat and the super market…this bitch just moves a certain type of way like I want her, this pasty white bitch is the last thing on my mind…plus her husband some Carlton Banks type burger, this nigga used to follow my ex to work and spark convo on the train with her thinking he was slick.

    but serious this bitch like 35+ still wearing beret hats and ugg boots thinking she in it to win it LOL FAIL. It’s getting annoying but I don’t want to hurt her self esteem by calling her unattractive.

  5. Hoskins Says:

    The ever elusive eye candy section of nahright? GGGAAAATTTTTT! (c) Crazy

  6. king blair Says:

    THOSE BEATS SUCKED——Toxic your wack i hate when niggas play they wack shit an dance to it like its the second coming of The Message—Nigga Please

  7. GMZ Says:

    Nice eye candy. Honey in the pink at the end was right.

  8. Mr.Dean Says:


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