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Cassidy – Jumpin In My Bag

Cassidy – Jumpin In My Bag (via Mr. X)

I named my album C.A.S.H. , and it stands for “Cass A Straight Hustla”

BONUS: Mysonne feat. Cory Gunz & Rello – How We Play (via Splash)

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5 Responses to “Cassidy – Jumpin In My Bag”

  1. Ron'Cam Says:

    this shit be wack

  2. DD Says:




  4. L Says:

    cassidy one of my faves wit cam

  5. greg Says:

    Green but it got orange hairs like peter pan…only two people would sy something like that…Cam or Cass… They should put out a C&C album they can put some C&C cola on the cover…and Cass should chill with the murder raps lol…that Proactive line was hard

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