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Asher Roth – Takeover Freestyle


Another Asher free courtesy of DJ Semtex.

Asher Roth – Takeover Freestyle

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18 Responses to “Asher Roth – Takeover Freestyle”

  1. AJ Says:


  2. 911 Says:

    I haven’t heard one asher roth song yet…isn’t inclined to either. I blame eskay.

  3. Barack Oswagga Says:

    *Gets it in North Dakota*

  4. 911 Says:

    I can’t even remember the last time I listened to eminem…

  5. sb Says:

    Stan Ipcus ate this fool. (see “Great White Hope”)

  6. 911 Says:

    *goes dumb*

    what is an stan ipcus?

  7. moneyray aka i comment on nahright so fuck 50 Says:

    asher roth is nice

  8. goodniss grashus Says:

    this is bad…he aint sayin shit

  9. HombreNegro Says:

    Get the fuck outta here with this whack shit.

    If Obama wasn’t in office he wouldn’t be getting no play…

  10. HombreNegro Says:

    And I wish Vanilla Ice would come out of retirement to Ether this niggah…

  11. MONEY MAKIN Says:

    Are you guys serious? He’s not even rapping, barely rhyming and literally making up words. Dude ain’t bad, but shit he’s making me seem like this motherfucker really can’t rap.

  12. Donny Says:

    I hope you’re kidding. I think i just shit myself laughing at that freestyle

  13. Donny Says:

    “This is be that wack shit” <—– Amen

  14. GMZ Says:

    Asher had a hot rhyme on the A Milli…get a fucking bike maybe you wouldn’t be fat..that was my shit…besides that I can’t get with the homey. If he wasn’t white…this shit would just be some kid on youtube freestylin over instrumentals at his crib.

    I respect him trying to be authentic in doing an authentic freestyle. But as Baby said (as in Weezy F. Baby), there ain’t no such thing as a FREEstyle. If you’re going to authentically freestyle, make sure you’re nice with it. Otherwise garbageness like this just hurts your buzz. Asher should check that freestyle Kanye had on that radio station not too long ago.

  15. KUTTA(DC) Says:

    This guy is garbage. His new single sounds like a Swayze song. No Patrick-mo.

  16. DeHere Says:

    “this is be that wack shit” – at least he knows

  17. AA Says:

    shit i wish i had the dough to promote on websites like this

  18. KingPoetic Says:

    : /

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