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Classified – Self Explanatory Cover + Track List


Classified’s major label debut Self Explanatory drops April 7th on Sony.

1. Self Explanatory
2. Get Out The Way
3. Choose Your Own Adventure 1
4. Up All Night
5. Quit While You’re Ahead w/ Choclair, Maestro and Moka Only
6. Inspiration
7. CYOA 2
8. Anybody Listening
9. They Call this (Hip Hop) w/ Royce 5′9″ and B.o.B
10. Oh… Canada
11. CYOA 3
12. Where Are You w/ Saukrates
13. Trouble
14. Use to Be w/ Mic Boyd
15. Breaking Up
16. One Track Mind w/ Joel Plaskett
17. CYOA 4
18. Things Are Looking Up w/ Chad Hatcher
19. Still Got it
20. Loonie w/ D-sisive, Shad, DL Incognito and Buck 65
21. CYOA 5
22. CYOA 6

He’ll also be touring Europe with Royce Da 5’9″ and D12 in March.

Hit the jump for the video for “Trouble”.

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17 Responses to “Classified – Self Explanatory Cover + Track List”

  1. PW Says:

    Ooooh shit new class.

    *Bumps hitch hikin music*

  2. TC Says:


  3. Kell-El Says:

    T.I.’s Cover > Classified Ads Cover

  4. Aight Says:

    t.i.’s money > classified’s money cover

  5. ian Says:

    Who the f-ck is this guy and how is he on a major label? His music sounds about as backpack as it gets. Cool looking video though….

  6. ferman Says:

    BIG UPS!! for showing Classified love

  7. Beat Auction Says:

    Finally Nah showin the maritimes some love!

    daps nat..

  8. Ape Spit Says:

    Um…of all the cats out there, they sign this dude? Huh?

  9. CanadaStandUp Says:

    yup, big ups, holdin it down for years….album is big

  10. Beersy Says:

    About time he got signed… considering hes been dope on his last 4 cds, Canada Baby!!!

  11. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Classified ft. Royce da 5′9 & B.o.B. - They Call This (Hip Hop) Says:

    […] Classified’s major label debut, Self-Explanatory due out April 7. Featuring Mayor Royce Clay Davis and B.o.B. Bobby […]

  12. aiowergnd Says:

    this album is sooooo dope u dont even understand fuck all u haters this guys deserves to get signed more than anyone else

  13. madeone Says:

    Class is f’n dope! The new album is unreal! Cant wait for the show may 8th. oh…CANADA!

  14. John Says:

    Yeh this shit is dope, One Track Mind rips off da hunnies panties

  15. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Video: Classified - Self Explanatory EPK Says:

    […] Class talks about the new album, signing with Sony, and gives you a tour of his old high school. ‘Self Explanatory’ is in stores and online THIS TUESDAY April […]

  16. Gus Says:

    Class used to be one of my fav artists ever since Trial & Error, and the highlight of his career(IMO) Boycott, but lately, dude has not impressed me one bit.

    Class had some decent tracks before Trial & Error, but i think that was truely his break through record. And Boycott was the best thing he ever created, and he ever will.

    Hitch-Hiking was blah to me, a few good tracks, but i wasnt feeling the over all product.

    And this album, Self-Explanatory is just all over the map. I can respect that he’s doing something new, but i just aint vibing to it. THere is way too many songs on this album, and WAY WAY WAY too many features on this album. He has every single rapper in canada on this album, over kill. A solo album is supposed to be just that, a SOLO album. This sounds more like a mixtape. Has Class sold out??? Nah, i dont think so. I really respect the dude, but he’s just not hungry anymore, you can just hear it in his voice.

    If i was trying to introduce someone to classifieds music, this would not be the first choice of album i’d make them listen to.

    Overall, i’m glad that Class is blowing up, gaining more fans and what not, but he’s not making music i’m really interested in anymore. I’ll still be bumping Trail & Error and Boycott for sure tho

  17. rdohigh2 Says:

    His album is dope. It’s a whole story this album. This guy knows something to tell instead of rhyming about bitches and money. Much respect to him.

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