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Video: DJ Drama feat. Akon, Snoop Dogg & T.I. – Day Dreaming

Gangsta Grillz: The Album Part 2 out May 19th.

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11 Responses to “Video: DJ Drama feat. Akon, Snoop Dogg & T.I. – Day Dreaming”

  1. Cali Sun Says:

    *Predicts that this album will have 2 hot songs at most just like part 1*

  2. silas Says:

    wondering when this vid was coming but why does akon say extra grenadine got me feeling so nice, grenadine is just a mixer The shirley temple thing got me confused as well, this duke and mary game is on point though.

  3. Adriel Says:


  4. wes Says:

    dude what the fuck

  5. geico lizard Says:

    “30 years old but she dont look a day over 18” damn TI is that a good thing?

  6. hot Tawdy Says:


  7. My Steez Says:

    I like the substitute of go go dancer for real slow dancer. smh

    Can you believe my fantasy girl is a real slow dancer?
    No Akon, I can’t. That is absolutely shocking.

  8. DMarv Says:


  9. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Video: DJ Drama Interview w/ Kiwibox Says:

    […] Previously: DJ Drama feat. Akon, Snoop Dogg & T.I. – Day Dreaming (Video) […]

  10. Z Money Says:

    Where can I get this version of “day dreaming” with the extended T.I. verse? I have been searching all over for it.

  11. matt Says:

    This song is soooo stupid How uneducated are the people who wrote this song? Shirley temple on ice. Grenadine got me feelin nice. He is an idiot there is no alchohal in grenadine and a shirley temple is just sprite and grenadine. I’m gonna laugh so hard when all the thugs come start coming up to the bar “yo yo dog give my a shirley temple, and hook it up with some extra grenadine” lol it will be great

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