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Video: San Quinn & Keak Da Sneak Inteview

Keak and San Quinn discuss the state of the West Coast, and the concept behind their joint album Welcome To Scokland.

Previously: Keak Da Sneak ft. San Quinn – She Fine

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10 Responses to “Video: San Quinn & Keak Da Sneak Inteview”

  1. kevfresco Says:

    oh shit…..hyphy off that 18 hunid.

  2. JDS Says:

    i think a femcee [preferably Jean] needs to go head up with a male emcee and rip ‘em apart. if you get the male hip hop audience to respect you enough i think your career can go pretty much anywhere, ’cause i know plenty of dudes who’ve supported Jean.

    its unfortunate that she would have to take that avenue, but if thats what it takes to make your mark then so be it. but as long as you have the N. Manaj’s of the hip hop world with their thick ham wallets on display, its going to be tough, no doubt.

    she doesnt have to be a Jay-Z success wise, but she deserves to be thought of on an equal level.

  3. Bill Hu$tle Says:

    That good ol’ Town Biz


    nice to see some Bay luv on this website!

    41FEVA! Hustle Get Paid All Day!

  5. Coolhand Luke Says:

    Im glad this interview shows that Keak, Quinn and the whole Bay cannot be typified as hyphy coonery. At the end of the day, the Bay is beautiful and there is a reason behind all that emerges from it. Quinn is eloquent and Keak doesn’t have any fits of menthol coughing here, so the interview works for me.

    Fun fact: Keak’s actual middle name is Kuntha Kinte

    Town Shit all day

  6. boss me Says:

    fun fact: Keaks middle name is actually Toby

  7. Coolhand Luke Says:

    @boss me

    Yeah i know, just fuckin with the readership bruh. Like ur tracks tho. Hit the link on my name and peep my site. All Oakland and Bay ish. Hit me if u wanna leak a track or two. Im all for being a platform to help put folks on. Be easy

  8. Jintey Says:

    lols at Keaks middle name!
    album is a slumper the track they played and Streetz Dont Lie both by CHOPS is heat rocks!

  9. 57thave Says:

    San Quinn is so underated. The bay is hot!!

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