Video: Rick Ross’ Magnificent Video Shoot

What’s worse: wearing shades at night or in doors? (at night though)

Proppers to Splash again.

Previously: Rick Ross feat. John Legend – Magnificent

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16 Responses to “Video: Rick Ross’ Magnificent Video Shoot”

  1. CTCVET85 Says:


  2. wavy is a cliche Says:

    Louie’s cover the red eyes

  3. anons Says:

    damn this nigga is just trudging ahead…well i give him props for not going away quietly like 50’s other vics..

    who knows he could get spins on the radio and MTV, do numbers and recover from this…

  4. Jammy Jones Says:

    Officer Ross likes to wear “Lewis” Vuitton.

  5. mustafa Says:

    LOL I had the same video concept Visual for the Tia Told me video
    Only with 50 singing with girls throwing panties at him
    Yep 3 background singers and a big band and the whole nine LMAO

  6. Coolhand Luke Says:

    Man, Ricky is all Bayed out. Wearing stunna glasses at night and shouting out Oakland? Rawse knows where its at. 510 on ur mother

    We the WEST!!

  7. Coolhand Luke Says:

    I actually really support Rawse’s usage of shades 24/7 cuz he has dead ass eyes. Am I the only one to notice this? He looks like a stoned zombie when he has his shits off.


  8. Mr.Londoner Says:

    no legend in the vid?

  9. Aight Says:

    john legend will be on it. don’t panik.
    plus this video will be dope as his album.
    deeper than rap coming march 24th 09 foreal

  10. YH Says:

    Is it? Really??

  11. Topcat360 Says:

    Give the nigga a break, nigga that can’t be seen without shades on! His career is having problems as is, now you want him scaring people!?

  12. TMS Says:


  13. BX Says:

    THIS IS A HOT SONG… BUT 50 is a marketing ANIMAL… and unfort… he’s def gonna fuck up your carrer.. if i was you i would’nt respond to 50 and just make good music.. hes made a living off trapping niggaz in beef.


  14. BX Says:

    THIS IS A HOT SONG… BUT 50 is a marketing ANIMAL… and unfort… he’s def gonna fuck up your carrer.. if i was you i would’nt respond to 50 and just make good music.. hes made a living off trapping niggaz in beef.


    good luck..

  15. Big Sonny Says:

    On da real read between the lines…

    I aint all on Ross right now, down here in miami we stay on allot of undergroud stuff, but dog does make good music. But at the same time imma take the time to call it like it is, and clarify some real shyt.

    People saying Ross fake for being a CO blah blah… I went to Carol City, and dog was serving weed in da school house back then… That man went on to land a football scholarship and got sent back home cause he got caught with dope at Albany state. straight up and down, the nigga was connected by association of growing up around some real g’s getting money, and the whole time Ross was a resource for Boobie.

    Imma put it like this, if you aint from Miami, you don’t know, and more than likely you aint gone take the account of another nigga even though you wasnt there because its easier to hate and dismiss da real deal cause you already got your mind made up to hate based on wrong information to begin with.

    Thangs aint always what it seem on the surface. The same way the high-class dont understand middle america, is the same way a nigga that aint from Miami won’t understand the demographics of how these streets work down here.

    I’m from Carol City, and went off to ball too, cause i went on to pursue a chance at football to better my situation does that make me soft. Carol City aint Muthafuckin peaches n cream, so how what i was born and raise in suddenly turn me into a fake ass nigga cause i went to college, and all of the sudden mean what i got in me dont certify me to represent what real in my hood?

    That’s what ya’ll saying about this man, that he fake, you only as fake as your environment, and if dog was fake, he wouldn’t be able to walk around down here — not in Miami, not these streets; thats certified!

    We done saw some good entertainment with 50 jumping on transcripts of Ross’ lawyer doing what he paid to do, to clear his client. 50 know its common sense for a lawyer to do what he do, but he rolling with the media cause he know everybody dont got the chance to breathe the air in miami, like the folks that know da real deal.

    So 50 choosing to tread that line like a bitch instead of seeking da truth

    Everybody that got sense know that when you high profile and got cash you hire a good lawyer to portray you as a chior boy! 50 smart, but still don’t discredit what we know in Miami.

    What 50 should be exploring is what Ross was doing from age 20 through now, cause Ross like 32 now!! That’s if 50 real, and want to know the truth, cause that will anwswer the question.

    The real answer go like this: Rick Ross really known as “big will” on the streets down here. Im 2 years older than Ross, grew up within the same vicinity in Carol City, im off of 37th and 207th in the baha’s. So in a sense when u a lil older, u got a perspective of watchin cats under you grow up.

    Dog always been savy, and if u know anything bout miami, u know the only way to grow up a bitch down here is to be raise in Boca Raton. Outside looking in, you must know that in miami, u dont go to Carol City High School and find your way through these streets as a fake nigga cause u won’t survive…

    The peeps Ross was running with – “Boobie Boys” – was one of the top 3 teams that ran the streets of miami in da dope-game… Ross was “Boobie’s” (aka Kenneth Williams) lil protege. So to know Ross, you gotta know Boobie, cause Boobie was da mastermind.

    Naw Ross wasnt no kingpin like Boobie, but if u next to dat nigga, and seeing chess moves being made, and you eating by association, and you happen to become a rapper, what would you rap about?

    Boobies game was so tight, that although he was one of the biggest d-boy’s in the street, the Feds ddnt even indict him on dope charges. They got him on suspected murders. So in a sense Ross reflects on his time being next to the man when he speaks, and speaks from experience for what he witnessed and took part in.

    Read up on facts:

    Put it like this, in terms of the CO angle in Ross’s background… When Boobie was indicted by the Feds, they also discovered that he had Miami-Dade finest Police on payroll… So the fact that Ross went CO aint no thang in Miami. Why, we got cops on druglord payrolls being found every day down here. Thos where the drugs come in, so it may not be believable to some, but it’s da truth in da M.I.A; cause this a dirty city.

    Basically for Ross to explain himself might mean indicting himself… Boobie in the Feds currently and is currently appealing his case, what got him convicted was allot of he say she say.
    Ross himself got a case pending, and has to portray a artist cause he’s being watched…

    50 got Ross baby momma bring up that Ross’ momma bought him a house and a mercedes. Any real nigga know when you doing dirt, and aint got no job, for 10 whole years, but u still eatin, the best thing to do is put your assest in your momma name cause she getting a W-2.

    That’s Dope-Boy rule number 1

    said all that to say this, from a real nigga, what the media and outta-towners might not know, the hood respect…

    Bawse do yo thang…

  16. cmon son Says:

    we all know who wrote this last comment. ALL LIES!!!!. stop callin ni99as boobie boys sucker. its only one ni99a named boobie and he a muthaf**kin 5-0 too. what u got to say about that????

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