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Video: Real Talk with Loso #2

When’s Loso coming? Pause.

Fab talks about internet rumors & being on numerous R&B features.

Previously: Video: Real Talk with Loso Pt. 1

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14 Responses to “Video: Real Talk with Loso #2”

  1. El_Feces_Loco Says:


    who shine like disco lites/blow the fuse on cordless mics? BBBBBBBBBBB RRRRRRRRRRRR

    who shut down SPEED 3times and twice wid da mad rapper?

    So lemmi get this straight.

    I come out the club wid my jewels on shining, I drive down the block a car hits mine, I jump out we argue, dude SHOOTS ME up, tries to TAKE MY CHAIN then his boy RUNS ME OVER in the car they was driving.

    Police catch them

    I testify


    you niggas aint playin fair

  2. El_Feces_Loco Says:

    I thought snitching was when 2 people knowingly enter into criminal activities, one person tells on the other, informs the authorities about said criminal actions.

    I aint plan for nobody to rob me..niggas tried to kill me..and I can’t get them niggas back? by testifying?

  3. Eastern_Digital Says:


    fuck is you talkin bout?

  4. HHF Says:

    Nah Really?

  5. El_Feces_Loco Says:

    this freekey zeeky shit fascinates me..Niggas really calling dude a snitch for saiyng ” thats the motherfucker that shot me, ran me over with the car and tried to take my jewels”

    If they woulda killed Zeeky, policec ome around askin who saw what, niggas wouldnt say shit..nigga killed me and yall let him walk free, but I testify cause im alive(luckily) and I’m a snitch? ..This shit bogglin my mind.

  6. P-Blast Says:

    Yo fab, those busted teeth aint “fab” you spend alot of paper on other bullshit, spend it on your grill homie thats real talk

  7. El_Feces_Loco Says:

    niggas really over on that other site goin in on Zeeky, talkin bout he was in Putnam County snitching..putnam county? come on fam..

  8. Yung Ho Says:

    *pulls out CYE season 2* *watches Krazy Eye Killa Episode* *lamps*

  9. Suaveebolaayatollahsaudiarabiacocacola Says:

    “I told your bitch to hurry up – we don’t wait for trains.”


  10. El_Feces_Loco Says:

    Loso need a hit song..stop doing these fuckin vlogs..If it wasnt for Nas, he’d be the most boringest rapper to watch talk about shit.

  11. Suaveebolaayatollahsaudiarabiacocacola Says:

    *pulls out CYE season 2* *watches Krazy Eye Killa Episode* *lamps*

    “You don’t eat the pussy, Larry?!? You gots to eat the pussy…”

  12. El_Feces_Loco Says:

    Damn that nigga P all up in that nigga mouth..checkin his molars.

  13. Yung Ho Says:

    I rarely find hoes funny on the stand up tip, But Wanda Sykes is the GOAT comedienne.

  14. GMZ Says:

    LOL at these niggaz that snitched on Fab in arkansas about that 500 pounds of weed….he’s got some old head losers on his team !!

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