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Video: Wale on HHO

HipHopOfficial does the Hollywood thing with Wale.

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17 Responses to “Video: Wale on HHO”

  1. Yung Ho Says:


    malice in the wamp wamp with a cardigan and hence me swagger jacking that. No homo

  2. AJ Says:

    deeper than rap is str8 fiyaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  3. Danielson Says:

    AJ Says:

    February 20th, 2009 at 6:32 pm
    deeper than rap is str8 fiyaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

    yeah every track ive heard so far is nice.

  4. Yung Ho Says:

    Akon: I’ve been very blessed to be in a situation where music and fashion is always recession proof in a lot of different ways, because it’s really what we turn to when we’re going through hard times. If I got to the point where the recession actually affected me I would cut back on all them cars I got. I would start selling them if I can. That’s the only thing I spend more than I have to on. Only cause it’s my fetish and I just love cars, but I already know it in my mind that I won’t buy it if I ain’t ready to let it go tomorrow. I know at the end of the day, my hustler mentality if I have to survive, that car is out of here, straight up.

    this nigga is stunting on the recession

  5. Yung Ho Says:

    Buckshot: There is no such thing as a recession, the recession is an illusion. And people like Buckshot and Steve Jobs and Bill Clinton and Bill Gates

  6. Yung Ho Says:

    Tru Life: Oh nah, that shit [recession] ain’t touched me not a bit. It ain’t a game man. I just bought 4 or 5 brand new black cars and only because I felt like the haters thought I was doing bad or something. Now it looks like a funeral when I pull up. They just saw me being humble, I’m a real humble dude. You know I live by my needs, I don’t really live outside of my needs. I’m not the nigga running around with the fancy car living in the projects. Like, I went and bought my house before I bought anything. I’m doing pretty well. Never had an album out in my life. But I’m doing real good by the graces of Allah. It’s all Allah’s will. I respect that, that’s why I give back all the time. I help out all the time. They talk about me doing all the foul shit but never talk about you might catch me in the Bowery, in the homeless shelter washing dishes or something my nig. That’s the kind of dude Tru life is. I just wanted to show niggas I ain’t starving.

  7. Blackwater Says:

    anyone got a line to The Billprint. I heard the girls girls gilrs joint was FIRE

  8. Danielson Says:


    lol @ use of the scarface ‘wink’

  9. Danielson Says:


    lol @ use of the scarface ‘wink’

  10. ski mask jazz Says:

    Err time I come thru, u nome wha ima do, swurvin down, my fly is up, takin a piss, in yo cup, switch tha drink, now that’s up

    Call cici, give her a ring no beyonce, she don’t answer? Rianna her then I’m off to tiawanna…

  11. jrp14 Says:

    Its a shame that the way music and media is distributed with the quickness these days makes it hard for people to appreciate things, because that KID CUDI “Day N Nite” video is genius

  12. jrp14 Says:

    No shots at eskay

  13. eskay Says:

    none taken

  14. Danielson Says:

    do you guys have time to read EVERY comment on Nah? if so, that must be hard moderating them and putting up regular post cos comments can go up to 280 i thinkis the highest i have seen

  15. Mr. First Says:


    … I hope his album doesn’t suck, if it ever actually comes out.

  16. terror squad Says:

    good shit! wale is one of he only new artist of fuckin wit. dude seem mad cool.

    no d-ride

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