Video: Slaughterhouse Live in Detroit

Courtesy of Royce and ImNaShitFoolTV.

Bonus audio: Joe Budden calls Jenny Boom Boom

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15 Responses to “Video: Slaughterhouse Live in Detroit”

  1. Cream of Sumyung-gai Says:

    the cool

  2. Cream of Sumyung-gai Says:


  3. Cream of Sumyung-gai Says:


  4. Danielson Says:

    *waits for Voltron to reply with ‘The Ecstatic’*

  5. Cream of Sumyung-gai Says:

    hi bitches.

  6. Cream of Sumyung-gai Says:

    The Ecstatic


    still no idea wtf that is

  7. Danielson Says:

    isnt it mos def’s upcoming album? not sure.

  8. Cali Sun Says:

    That audience is whiter than a napkin (c) Mr. 17.5

  9. Legend Says:

    peep this. nahright comments world premier

  10. nessnice Says: “Ameer” Undergeound Heat (5:18 mark)

  11. Eastern_Digital Says:

    peep this. nahright comments world premier

    that sound like Joell Ortiz.

  12. Joey Profit$ Says:

    Getting ur hair braided <

  13. The End Says:

    Slaughtermouse comin soon!!!

  14. clocksuckaz Says:

    These fucking rappers cant afford a proper camera and/or/with a proper audio recorder

  15. kallywood Says:

    crowd looks dead.

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