Video: Rick Ross – Kiss My Pinky Ring Curly (Curtis Diss)

In my opinion Ricky lost points for not just hopping on the train a stop or two and filming this in front of the G-Unit offices. It’s not like Curtis can’t turn right around now and go shoot a video in Miami if he wanted to. But could he go to Carol City? That’s the question.

Anyway, who gives a fuck, this shit is WWE.

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152 Responses to “Video: Rick Ross – Kiss My Pinky Ring Curly (Curtis Diss)”

  1. JuiceWonder Says:

    # Joey Profit$ Says:
    February 19th, 2009 at 2:56 pm

    moneyray Says:

    February 19th, 2009 at 2:48 pm
    Niggas is starving in Carol city

    ^the boss aint helpin out?

    anywhoo..rick ross is a fucking Gangster


    Yo check this link out disreguard the TS niggas just pay attention to all the people niggas doing this in your average Miami neighborhood nobody calls the cops you have around 100 people or more easy –


    “niggas doing this in your average Miami neighborhood nobody calls the cops”
    cooooooooome ooon, fam. That is not accurate AT ALL. You got your spots down south (PARTS of Perrine, naranja, etc.,etc.,) and a few areas up north ( CC, Liberty City, Brown Subs, Opa Locka, parts of Hialeah) that are gutter as fuk, but ya average neighborhood down here (I live in Miami) WILL call them boys and they will respond QUICKLY. Please dont make it sound like its “Welcome 2 the Terror Dome ” down here….
    Key points b4 I go:

    *50 can MOST DEF go to Carol City (w/ his team, of course… did Rawse…them was TS affiliates he was with.)
    *Ricky still lost…..*smh @ the BAWSE staying @ the holiday inn across the street from MSG*
    *Dude in the Youtube video, LeveL, is an OG out here. Thats one cat you dont wanna see 1 on 1……trust

  2. yr momz Says:

    i think it’s funny he calls 50 an undercover fag – not that i doubt it – when he’s wearing some latex jacket and flaunting shit girls juice over like gucci, et cetera.

    visually, rap turned super gay.

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