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Video: Guru & Solar at the X-Games

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9 Responses to “Video: Guru & Solar at the X-Games”

  1. nessnice Says:

    early mornin, break of dawn-in….

  2. moresickaMC Says:

    Wow, that Royce “part of me”video>>>

    no homo

    sh*t was disturbing as f*cc

  3. sleep Says:

    Up early to make some breakfast and head to the gym before all these I have a day off looking as niggas show up. happy president day thank you lincoln jefferson and obama

    Try something new roast beef ommelet

  4. anons Says:

    roast beef omelet?? damn sleep, u must be in the south..or in philly

  5. Jammy Jones Says:

    i fall asleep listening to Guru’s monotonous voice, he raps the way he talks, talks the way he raps, i bet he talks dirty just like the way he raps like the way he talks.

  6. A tribe called quest Says:


  7. Word Says:


  8. Wiz Says:

    I was at this show & it was off the chain!! I never seen that club so live & i been to every show there. More chicks than usual too. Much love to Guru, Solar & their band for coming thru & reppin DA REEEAAAALLLLL, HIP HOP HIP HOP!!!!

  9. 3rdEye Says:

    Seen Guru rock before but dude keeps getting more dope…can’t wait to cop the new album Lost and Found 8.0!! Real shhh

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