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Termanology – Here In Liberty City


Produced by Statik Selektah, off the Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned soundtrack.

Termanology – Here In Liberty City

Previously: Saigon – Spit (Radio Rip)

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15 Responses to “Termanology – Here In Liberty City”

  1. Bananas the Ape Says:


  2. Bananas the Ape Says:

    nigga I bust post cherries….3 so far, what?!

  3. Voltron Says:

    Pharoahe >>>

  4. Yung Ho Says:

    so did he get an EA check? Shieeeeeeet Games pay bills for sure

    OK Side note …..We stopped in YUMA to put gas and I see a sign that I tried to take a picture of but it was that infared shit and comes out distorted well it said “shamwow/Snuggie combo” $24.95. So I stop on GP,tell the wifey and Omar and Aharon that we are copping three and taking a picture outside the All-Star game with them on. We go inside I ask the dude from RiteAid “Yo got the Snuggie combos, I need three” …. he says “all sold out, they sell fast” …………*dies*

  5. Cream of Sumyung-gai Says:

    *raps about piggly wigglies and kermit the frog, dog* (c) gucci

  6. eskay Says:

    >>“shamwow/Snuggie combo”

    wow and *dead* @ fux’s story.

  7. Cream of Sumyung-gai Says:

    “Yo got the Snuggie combos, I need three”



  8. dronkmunk Says:

    Somebdy tell me why Paris Hilton ethered Snoop in that freestyle session?

    It was like Eli Porter all over again

    And speakin of sweet P


    I’m going to Best Buy tonight to cop the “Lost and Damned” download code.

    Hopefully they’ll have a better Hip-Hop play list than the original GTA4.

    [Not that it was bad but for some reason I thought it would be better. Especially the “Classics” station.]

  10. PHENOMENON Says:

    Zorbies > Shamwow

  11. KwakieSurpeeneekoo Says:

    why i dont care for?

  12. moneyray Says:

    gta iv was a huge let down..and so will this be

    *throws in cod4*

  13. Termanalogy - Here in Liberty City : Know the Ledge Says:

    […] Today, XBOX is dropping the new episode to GTAIV with a downloadable game from the perspective of a biker gang.  To help with the release of this, Rockstar got Statik Selektah to do a hip-hop EP for the game.  The first official song off the EP is one where Term blacks out over an ill, classic East Coast beat.  Just updated my iPod to have this song.  I am always a little skeptical of game soundtracks but this one looks to have some heat on it. Sources: Official site & NR. […]

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    […] Previously: Termanology – Here In Liberty City […]

  15. Minty Burns Says:

    Wow term your not a g stop fronting so hard. We liked u better when ur on your honest shit.

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