Video: Curtis Threatens DJ Khaled’s Moms

I feel like a scumbag for even posting this, but fuck it. Really Curtis? Is this what it’s come to? To sell albums? And you’re pulling this shit on Youtube? Wow.

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320 Responses to “Video: Curtis Threatens DJ Khaled’s Moms”

  1. NYHC81 Says:

    keep your mouths shut about 50 Cent. if you’re high profile keep your mouth shut. everyone seems to forget he’s not from Georgia.

  2. Justin Time Says:

    Ay Eskay – if you feel bad about posting shit like that, don’t post it and don’t promote that fuckery.

    What’s the point?

  3. lea Says:

    I disagree with how far he has gone! I agree with the comment about his mom having to work, he has 2 rovers, phantom, huge house in very expensive neighborhood and his moms has to work? not good at all…. i thought it was the norm to take care of moms when you make it big or hell if you come up on some decent money! and he claims to be a millionaire.

  4. GMZ Says:


    I think there are some real pussies on here right now. “If that was my mom….” Damn, it’s not your mom. It’s some retarded Miami dj’s mom.


    Get outta here….I don’t know the backstory on the beef between 50 and Khaled…but if its not deeper than rap…..ITS NOT BEEF HOMEY….just cuz you quote a biggie line DOESNT make it beef….this shit is turkey right now….for all that 50 has done I hope its deeper than what the people know…otherwise this nigga is just mad sensitive….

  5. GMZ Says:

    DC Says:
    February 12th, 2009 at 4:50 am

    50 is doing exactly what I would expect him to do.

    “What’s Beef?
    Beef is when ya mom’s aint safe up in the streets,
    Beef is when you roll no less than 30 deep,
    Beef is when I see you, guaranteed to be an ICU…”


    I think there are some real pussies on here right now. “If that was my mom….” Damn, it’s not your mom. It’s some retarded Miami dj’s mom.


    The most obvious fact….if it was beef…that shit wouldn’t be on youtube…just like how 50 said if anything happened to Rawse’s baby moms, rawse would be the first pulled in for questioning….wtf do you think would happen if dj khaled’s moms even gets a chest cold??…fuck outta here

  6. Simply eLi Says:

    well scooter why dont you make a vid and go snatch his son…and hopefully everyone in your family dont have to die over this lol……you know damn well..niggas will start dropping like fly-s….lets be real ross and khaled thought “hey this would be good for us and fif look like he quiet and chillen….and guess what that shyt not only backfired…now ross and khaled have to respond and the next move might be the move where we wake up and see eskay put up a blog saying a nigga have been murdered….like fif is leaving these niggas no choice yo and it is unfair in a way cause these niggas pride will replace logic…and there you go….i think if this shyt dont end soon people will die and it is fuck up to say but the nigga fif got the drop on these niggas movement yo and that is the scary part..

    The realist shyt i read on this post.

  7. Interstate P Says:

    Lmao @ El_Feces_Loco Says: SMH@ “catch ya moms sleeping” Ive heard rappers say it before..never seen it though..remarkable.

    This shit is wild…50 is definitely ODing, but I can’t front like I’m NOT enjoying it…

  8. J. Caesar Says:

    i bet that bitch is on the phone with khaled right now pacing back and fourth around the house cursing in hindu and shit.yo curt post up a video of that i know you got it.LOL.

    kintell…your an ignorant fuck for saying hindu..when khaled is ARABIC!!!!!!!lmao dumb fuck…50 is a loser for this…this has nothing to do with music..why go bother somebodys mom..??? *two thumbs down*

  9. Danielson Says:


    curtis> anyone when it comes to beef

  10. J. Caesar Says:

    moneyray Says:

    February 11th, 2009 at 9:52 pm
    its funny how niggas on the internet try to act “hood” and like they was raised a certain way..but when a niggas moms is exposed on video slumpin over in her seat..the same thugged out niggas get a soft spot in theyre heart.

    im not sayin 50 is right for this shit..but yall niggas kill me
    ^^when it comes to your own mom wouldn’t be bothered by that..smfh…but like i say dudes can act tough..but all niggas bleed

  11. spirit equality Says:

    any nigga getting that close to my mom, is gonna get clapped!!! ain’t no ways about it, you cross that line prepare to get burn

    ^ ^ what is this ignorance about? close to your mom? you should people who ride the bus sitting next to your mom too? i didn’t even watch this fuckery because i don’t want to give 50 an extra hit on thisis50. but so what if he filmed khaled’s mom? so what if he even goes on a date with khaled’s mom and puts a sex tape out. you going to kill someone over that and sit in jail forever? really? no wonder there are two million people in jail.

    to j. ceasar:

    kintell…your an ignorant fuck for saying hindu..when khaled is ARABIC!!!!!!

    ^ ^ “arabic” isn’t the name of an ethnic group. khaled is palestinian.

  12. DC Says:

    @GMZ, good points. Everything I said was assuming 50’s got a legitimate beef. If it’s not legit, then yeah, he’s the blowhard prick everybody assumes he is.

    BUT, 50’s not stupid. Ignorant? Yeah. Past-his-prime-rapper? Yeah. But you definitely can’t say he’s stupid.

    So let’s all wait and see how this plays out….

  13. BINGO! Says:

    lmao @ 50 fans trying to justify this
    this is fucking ridiculous
    this is the type of shit that’ll get you killed seriously
    lucky for 50 I dont think Khaled is that type of person in real life
    but when you mess with a guys mom..your asking for trouble no matter wat

  14. dirty juice Says:

    the best wanksta, internet gangsta, magazine mobster
    shit on ya whole roster
    get ready to say hail mary’s and our fathers
    get out ya black suits and hard bottoms
    haha and don’t worry i got ’em
    he aint a problem child just a child with a problem(c) JADA

  15. SP Says:

    Yall can’t be serious about bitching at 50 for this video. First off everything fair in love and war.Maybe yall read books like the “Art of war”. When you attack a person you go for their heart. You don’t even see the vision behind this. This more a warningto kaled and ross to stop bullshiting .Ross been talking about his son on his curly website. He crossed the line first.Now i know two wrongs don’t make a right.But look who ur dealing with here.50 is already touch in the fucking head. And you wanna talk about his son!? Game over for that nonsenses. U know damn well if this was the streets. This would be totally apporaite. I thought ricky was a “gangsta” i thought it was “deeper than rap”. This video is deeper than rap people gotta realize when it comes to a war of words. Certain things u say can provoke some voilent reactions. Kaled is fat joe bitch he should stop with this i’m gangsta shit. And rawse is a nigga in denial. All i know that is 50 keeps on getting all this vital info about their family and friends. If i was those two i think about my next move. Cause if someone i have beef with gots my mother addy i would know that the mood just change. Kaled and rawse better ask them self this do you really wanna get someone hurt trying to prove how real you are?

  16. J. Caesar Says:

    spirit, kintell said khaled’s mom would be speaking in hindu..peeps from palestine are christian or arabic…i would know cuz one of my good friends is palestinian

  17. rrahha Says:

    eskay, you should put up the missinfo comments about talking with fif about this video.

  18. Romeo Says:

    FuCk RICkROSs AnD FuCK Dj KaHlEd I THoUgHt ThEy WaZ WaZ GaNgStA So wAz Good ThEY AInT DOiN ShIt 1wrd..PUSSY

  19. Romeo Says:

    FuCk RICkROSs AnD FuCK Dj KaHlEd I THoUgHt ThEy WaZ WaZ GaNgStA So wAz Good ThEY AInT DOiN ShIt 1wrd..PUSSY

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