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Video: Mazzi Walking Blog #22

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9 Responses to “Video: Mazzi Walking Blog #22”

  1. NotU Says:

    Joey robbing cats on myspace…lol

  2. rex hussla Says:


  3. herbal kint Says:

    LMFAO @ CH talking bout Chris Brown smacking Rhiannna


    I’m about to start smackin these R&B n1ggas. And I’m not even angry. I’m just sayin. This n1gga put his hands on my girl. She not mine OFFICIALLY officially, but chill b. This n1gga put his hands on my chick! lol I know all the readers of my blog were on edge when the news hit. lol I appreciate all the emails of concern and “Chuck! Chill out!” cuz n1ggas know how I feel about her, that I’m in LA, and that I’m not wrapped too tight.

    Ayo didn’t this n1gga say he ain’t like domestic violence cuz his pops blacked on his moms? Now see, usually I would withold my opinion until all the facts hit the surface. But f*ck that. It’s my GIRL we talkin about… to quote Ne-Yo, “Ehbahdy knoe dah maahne!!!!”. I was in the studio, FUMING mad. And that’s before the Hennessey kicked in. Rihanna, wherever you are, my prayers are with you, and my skinny, short ass is gon hold you down if need be. Chris, your mother.

  4. R.J.Orion Says:

    Chris Brown > Tru-Life

  5. Smee Says:

    Mazzi needs to stop walking and sit down somewhere. whatta bum

  6. the real truth Says:

    Chris Brown > Alfamega

  7. R.J.Orion Says:

    Rihanna > Mitch Green

  8. R.J.Orion Says:

    Chris Brown > Steve Smith (carolina panthers)

  9. Bringdat4me Says:

    Smee u buggin’!
    Walking Blog is dope
    U haters need to sit down
    Just cause ya’ll ain’t out & don’t have access to parties, don’t be mad at Mazzi
    He’s like the mayor
    How is that being a bum?! Dumbass!

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