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Slim Thug – Show Me Love (Prod. by Mannie Fresh)

Slim Thug – Show Me Love (Prod. by Mannie Fresh)

Off Boss Of All Bosses in stores March 24.

Previously: Slim Thug ft. Jim Jonsin – I Run (Video)

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15 Responses to “Slim Thug – Show Me Love (Prod. by Mannie Fresh)”

  1. nation Says:

    Plug won (no De La member)

  2. benhameen Says:

    im stealin this folks. thanks.

  3. moresickaMC Says:

    this dude is still around?

  4. benhameen Says:

    actually maybe not.

  5. benhameen Says:

    this dude is still around?
    dont sleep on slim dude is chillin in H-Town. independent rap money. bammas support they peeps. word to third ward.

  6. benhameen Says:

    random as fuck but does anyone have an mp3 of love song by jean grae?

  7. JayRight Says:

    Jean Grae go a better flow than most cats in the game.

  8. Kell-El Says:

    I Run >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  9. Jimmy Valentime Says:

    Cam doing a Sitcom

    :: break Dnaces on the bus ::

    :: windmills old lady on said bus :::

    an if i were to hire folks on the net to write for it I got byron crawford because he talks acts like george castanza

  10. Plug Says:

    nation Says:

    February 9th, 2009 at 5:54 pm
    Plug won
    dam right

  11. Plug Says:

    lol @ 50. I need that whole video

  12. Jimmy Valentime Says:

    also as the leader

    of The No MA’MA Movement

    I would like to ask for every one to say a prayer for political prisoner Chris Brezzy

  13. AD Says:

    ***daps abound (yea all 3 of yous)****

    Randomly dropped in just to add my 2 cents to (I’m sure at this point) a long-dead and decomposed horse but….

    SMH (vigorously) @ 50 sayin (I’m paraphrasin) it’s Kanye’s fault that tight jeans are cool and Macy’s closed 11 stores this past year due to the effect the “tight jeans era” has had on retailers, lol. This nucca is the Bill O’Reilly of hip hop, and this era of hip hop just happens to be like WCW/WWF in the late 90’s when they actually were catering to netheads and so-called insiders (that would be us) by using tech-talk only understood by the so-called insiders (see: Aggressive content, general public, etc.) . If he thinks the market of “hip-hop” clothing had that drastic of an impact on a retailer as big as Macy’s, then he may have been on the “pale horse” all along, lol. As someone who worked at Bloomy’s (owned by Macy’s), I can tell u for a fact that “urban clothing” is something they’ve been phasing out since I left in mid 07. They had stopped carrying Ed Hardy/Artful Dodger as early as late 06 for example. Sean John and Rocawear had BEEN long gone from their shelves. Akademiks was pretty much all they had and again this is over a year ago. My point? 50 should stop all this Ultimate Warrior-like pre-match promo and hit us w/ a REAL diss song already (Not some lil one-liner, that was cute but after ALL this time? C’mon). Ye prob still won’t respond and Weezy honestly shouldn’t either (but may just be stupid enough to do so).

  14. legindary Says:

    yo is this a good song? i don’t wanna click without a little insight. did anybody actually even check it out? lol

  15. legindary Says:

    *silence confirms my suspicion*

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