Jay-Z ft. Santogold, Foxy Brown & Wayne Wonder – Brooklyn Go Hard (Remix)


Inga and Wayne add some verses to the original.

Jay-Z ft. Santogold, Foxy Brown & Wayne Wonder – Brooklyn (Go Hard) (Remix)

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15 Responses to “Jay-Z ft. Santogold, Foxy Brown & Wayne Wonder – Brooklyn Go Hard (Remix)”

  1. M.Tyson Says:

    95-98 Inga >>>>>

  2. jewtino Says:

    This beat > This roster

  3. Matthias Says:

    Looking kinda chunky arent we…

  4. BIGSTRONG Says:

    R.I.P Demencio!! ” BROOKLYN STAND UP”

  5. NodEnabler Says:

    Foxy went IN. she talkin that real brooklyn shit.. You dead wrong for using that pic eskay, lmao.. boogs has a lot better ones.

  6. recyc2ll Says:

    foxy goes harder on the mic than a lot of these bitchass niggas in the game right now.

    fuck a soulja boy n bowwow beef…foxy will slaughter them cornballz

  7. steve Says:

    foxx looks terrible in that pic and she hasnt been relevant in the 2000s lol

  8. NakedWithSocksOn aka NWSO Says:

    Who, Brooklyn we got FAT… Where the hell did you get that flick of Inga looking like a bloated fox???

  9. khal Says:

    bloatedfoxboogie.blogspot.com, duh

  10. yaboy Says:


  11. Joe Turksta Says:

    A chick who looks like Wayne is fucking scary

  12. Deano Says:

    Damn Foxy is sexy…

  13. Brooklyn We Go Hard Remix - Jay Z ft. Santogold, Foxy Brown, Wayne Wonder « I DJ TOO Says:

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  14. Perfect Says:

    Whatcha know about Erasmis Hall and Sarah J.-Them Flatbush Nggas, Tip Top and U.K.- The Nightys Massive, 50’s the F.P.K
    -They claim they from B.K but I ain’t never seen them before near the Ark, Calalou or Biltmore.. Now that’s that real back in the days Brooklyn shit.

  15. chekk2bk Says:

    Foxy Brown is one of the best female rappers ever.
    If you don’t believe me.. check these foxy songz out:

    foxy, stylez, akon – locked up remix

    foxy brown – black girl lost

    foxy brown & mavado – so special remix!

    don’t sleep on mama cuz she is buttaz n will take it there!

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