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Video: Wale Debuts New Single Get It In L.A.

DJ Skee talks to Wale on his tour bus, footage of his performance, including the debuts of 2 new songs from his album, on being the first single possibly called “Get It”.

Hit the jump for footage of Wale bringing our Warren G to perform “Regulate”.

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32 Responses to “Video: Wale Debuts New Single Get It In L.A.”

  1. rex hussla Says:

    Why does everybody hate Wale?

  2. Eastern_Digital Says:

    Timbs >>> Nike Boots

  3. A tribe called quest Says:

    rex hussla Says:
    January 31st, 2009 at 3:28 pm
    Why does everybody hate Wale?

    Cause he thinks hes jayz when his music sounds like Memphis bleek

  4. rex hussla Says:

    Wale’s cool with me [ll]

    That Lil Wayne “Around the Way Girl” track has to be the worst shit I’ve ever heard. When it comes to Wayne I feel like I’m in bizarro world or some shit. I don’t get it.

  5. frank fiasco Says:

    Wale is ill as hell. Ninjas need to stop hatin.

  6. A tribe called quest Says:

    rex hussla Says:
    January 31st, 2009 at 3:36 pm
    Wale’s cool with me [ll]

    That Lil Wayne “Around the Way Girl” track has to be the worst shit I’ve ever heard. When it comes to Wayne I feel like I’m in bizarro world or some shit. I don’t get it.

    Wales music is cool, average but enjoyable.

    Lil wayne messed up his legacy, if he would’ve stayed on course of D2 & C3 i would have no problem defending him against the naysayers. D3 and this rock album is surely going to destroy everything he’s built

  7. the real truth Says:

    *Dapz All*

    That Wale single sounds iight

  8. dreski Says:

    how could you not like Wale? his music’s fresh, and his flow is original, and he’s actually a nice lyricist. i’m looking forward to his album, should be dope.

    as far as Wayne…idkwtf he’s on. that “around the way girl” is on some drunk Maxwell-type shit…stick to SPITTING them bars Weezy, youre WAAAYYY better off.

  9. kallywood Says:


    # A tribe called quest Says:
    January 31st, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    rex hussla Says:
    January 31st, 2009 at 3:28 pm
    Why does everybody hate Wale?

    Cause he thinks hes jayz when his music sounds like Memphis bleek



    wow that shit was epic

    i like the homie tho, he can spit

  10. JDS Says:

    # A tribe called quest Says:
    January 31st, 2009 at 3:33 pm

    rex hussla Says:
    January 31st, 2009 at 3:28 pm
    Why does everybody hate Wale?

    Cause he thinks hes jayz when his music sounds like Memphis bleek

    lol there’s a sliver of truth to that, but i think he’d dope

  11. the real truth Says:


    Joell Blacked On This…One of my Favorite traxx all time

  12. Chilly Says:

    “I played the background…wholetime….mario 3” —that ninja WALE is aight
    and if ninjas aint get the memo yet Guccimane and Gogo is the shiiiiit right now!!!!

  13. Coogi Down Says:

    Wale is ill…………listen to all of his mixtapes (Paint A Picture, Hate Is The New Love, 100 Miles & Running, etc.) and his guest 16 on Cudi’s joint, dude is nice on the mic devices

  14. gouchos Says:

    he gotta come harder than that… i’m rooting for him he’s dope.

  15. Marcus X Says:

    Wale is a dope lyricist BUT lately he’s been on Jay-Z’s swag and stage movements…ya’ll know what I’m talking bout if ya’ll see him perform. He’s also too damn cocky at this point in the game…everybody needs some level of it…BUT lil ninja pump ya breaks a lil bit…also, that shit that was just posted was trash, I’ve heard better Wale material than the shit that was just posted. I’m now on the borderline with Wale. Time will tell.

  16. yeah Says:

    i have the setlist from the show
    the track is called chillin’

  17. ..huh Says:

    cocky how…what does someone do to be cocky …like are yall just tryna say some thing negative…wtf?? and this jayz stuff..what does that mean ..i dont see jayz run around stage like that…nitpickin is the new swag now huh

  18. risingoverenvy Says:

    If you think Wale is average then your out yo got damn mind…listen to more than Nike Boots before you make that absurd ass statement…

  19. dom corleone Says:

    Wale is dope, the single is called “Chillin” .. so fly.

  20. camden Says:

    This hipster shit needs to die , i really hope that he flops and Jimmy know that these hipsters shit is dead, tbh i’ll listien to soulja boy anydady over wale….niggas in D,C dont even fuck with the F.O.B

  21. camden Says:

    Wale just too cocky, that why he gets hate , he and charles are pissing me off now , both of them are going to turn into yung berg , both wont even sell 50k in the first week.

  22. iladelph Says:

    Yo WALE is dope you all need to stop hating…no shit hes cocky hes got a right to be…now charles hamilton is a different story

  23. e. Says:

    he made the crowd wait about an hour till he performed. people started booing, then some started chanting ‘wale, wale, wale…’ finally the asshole comes out. i agree with wale biting jay z’s stage presence, get off hovas nuts already. if it wasn’t for warren g and xzibit showing up, i would have thrown my nike blazers at him. fuck wale. and that single is trash

    blu and exile killed it

  24. Cali Foreva Says:

    I saw B.O.B. there he was cool. Wale didn’t even show him love. I thought that was fucked up. Warren G shut it down.

  25. Fuck DC Says:

    I thought that was B.O.B. I was standing by him & they wouldnt let him backstage and he came to show that asshole love. Fuck WALE

  26. BINGO! Says:

    Wale is a great artist
    cant wait for the album
    and ppl who still use the term
    hipster to somehow put down
    ones music should prob die in 09 :)

  27. spirit equality Says:

    ease off on the hate naming yourself “fuck dc” just to dis wale for b.o.b. not getting let backstage

    how you gonna dis a whole city just because one guy couldn’t get backstage?

    you doing way too much, fam.

  28. RL Says:

    I really don’t like defending people I don’t know but I was at the show and I can I clarify one thing he does not have is Jay-Z “swag” (which is a corny word btw). We talking bout somebody from DC compared to someone from Brooklyn not the same; he might be inspired by Jay-Z. And also he is not or ever will be on Yung Berg status even if he doesn’t do big numbers that’s expected you can’t compare him Yung Berg (Mr. Cliche Rapper) or Charles Hamilton who just popped on scene out of nowhere and tries to hard to prove that he is different from everybody else I mean the kid admitted that he was into goth shit and drugs plus he is not that dope he makes no sense but that is besides the point. Wale put on a good show and it was worth the money. (Sidebar – He did take a hour to get to the stage but no of us no what was going on backstage so we can’t blame him and as for B.O.B. I didn’t even notice he was there but it’s not a big deal he didn’t get backstage).

  29. ashbee Says:

    Step your grammar game up!! Those run-on sentences give me a headache.

    I’m on the fence with Wale. I like the live instrumentation. I like the go go infusion. I like his flow, but sometimes the lyrical content is corny to me. W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E is still my ish though.

  30. Huh? U Gay Says:

    Wale a beast..lyrically, flow wise and presence..I understand the hate completely. He brings something new to the game..a rapper from DC, with DC subject matter…then the cliche ballin shit everybody else raps about..but he does it well. His lyrics are great and if not great sub par, on a Jay-Z vol. 3 level..Let the people hate on him, he worked his ass off to get where he is now, his mixtape game is impressive for such a “average” rapper..Mixtape About Nothing was better than most albums…and if u think he can’t rap, maybe you should listen to Rhyme of the Century…but no matter what we say, the haters will still co-exist…

  31. Huh? U Gay Says:

    and how is wale a hipster rapper???

  32. Banned the word Hate! Says:

    @ F-DC, your mother should’ve swallowed you (hating on my City-phuc is on ya biscuit??)

    Da good homie Wale!


    (+)The dude is a rappers rapper, he just raps no faking no stuntin and blends in semi-creative lines from time-to-time with a good flow, cant knock his rappin

    (+)Work ethic solo mixtapes aint easy and he grinded out a couple of crittically acclaimed joants (overhyped IMO, but decent at best)

    (+)Politic game, if you ever met dude you prob have sensed his sixth sense for advancement, homie be bout that hustle hard!

    (+)His team the yung dude go from running with Kenny Burn (formally of Roc-A-Fella) to Mr. Ronson (phucking European Puffy, meanest connect ever) and DJ Alizay (it helps if your best friend has the power to play your record daily on local airwaves plus his initial singals were hot, classic go-go remakes but HOT @ the same time)

    (+)Touring the UNcalled4 Band, that shyt is KEY for our city (1000 points for Wale that gives him the DC cred he didnt gain as an underground rapper)

    (+) his progression he continues to get better, and his versatility he’s beggining to show (in the form of flows, & creativity not content)


    (-)Focused on Hate- O boi! Wale thinks the world should roll out the red carpet for him-GTFOH, homie really feeling himself but has not been stamped by his home! Meaning, most artist are locally respected and then hail as the rep of their town; Wale & Tabi make great reps for our city due to their image and marktability but are they are not the nicest in our city. (And you can do a DC HH survey to stamp dat :nohate)

    *He his from the most hateful city on the planet (DC), so I slightly feel him, but his success his one of good luck, man if it wasnt for the Mark Ronson Co-sign how many bammas would have really got on a track w/ Wale due to lyrical ability?????? (just being honest Black Thought???, Rymefest???, Brother Ali????, State Prop????, come on they all out of his league) even if they digg him he’ll be just another rapper even if they heard his flow

    (-) his Mixtape is about nothing and so is most of tracks and guest apperances, Brother Ali tore him a new asshole on that track and it was two verses to one, that should tell him to step his content game up waaaaaaay up, rapping bout shoes is a way of saying I really aint got shyt to say I need to read more books!!!! (however he was overly-impressive on that Roots joints next to Thought “ya’ll rappers aint eating ya’ll Olsen twinning…lol)

    So to sum it up Hell yeah Wale carry the torch for our City, you are and will continue to mark alot of 1st for a DC artist but treat folks like fans instead of being so skeptical of folk and remember all them industry ninjas aint real and thats the FAKE love that will fade if you do! Stay humble bcuz word in your OWN city is your not dude, Head has gotton huge overnight.

    We love you dude!! and we are not hating!!

    “If I dont like it I dont like it, that dont mean that Im hating..” -Common

    “If you dont like our music then it wasn’t made for you” -Black Thought

    “Playa Hater” -Puffy (term created becuz he was wack and he wanted to male ppl feel bad if they said it-wack ass puffy, not liking something doesnt mean hating!!!!!)

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