Curtis: “I’ma Fuck Your Life Up, For Fun.”

“Hey what’s up? Alright, y’all caught me. I was practicing for my new rock-n-roll album.”

Keep wasting your time trying to engage Wayne. He ain’t gonna fall for it.

Accept that you’re going gold and be grateful you’ll even get that.

Nice how you recycled Cam’ron’s cute nickname catchphrase strategy against Ross. However, the legendary Currrttisss > Officer Rickyyy on any day.

I never liked Ross that much anyway so yea you just might finish him. Score is 2 – 0 in your favor. Good job.

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129 Responses to “Curtis: “I’ma Fuck Your Life Up, For Fun.””

  1. Cinsere Says:

    Jersey*made*me Says:

    January 31st, 2009 at 11:22 am
    the asian dude from 2 Live Crew>Rick Ross… for bar and he got classics


  2. Kid Icarus Says:

    “going gold”? He got fire this time around. It is going to do major numbers.

  3. Double Dolla Says:

    Alot Of Ppl Hate On Fif,All he do Is Keep it real,Looks Like ross tryna sell mo albums,Fuck ross He garbage Just like wayne The Worst rapper alive Kissin men and shit,tryna be like kanye by dropping a rock album,dre probably on wayne s tip ,lovin all those pop songs he’s doing

  4. Ha... Says:

    Exactly, talkin’ bout going gold only. That’s funny. Wayne can’t compete with 50, and that’s straight fact. Neither can Ross. It’s funny how people get mad at 50 for responding to niggas, but fail to remember that Ross started this out of no where. And him and Wayne were cool until Wayne released that diss to him. If one thing is for sure, 50 is not the one to fuck with. He’s the type that will finish you if you mention his name.

  5. Ha... Says:

    Oh yeah, and only gold? Why cause T.O.S didn’t do numbers? Name me the last group album that did numbers. I’m waiting…

  6. EJ Says:

    Was that Ciara on his shirt?



  8. Mr. Sanchez Says:

    Dog. I never pay attention to anything 50 related because the dude is a clown with no talent and hes a snake. If he has a club banger out I’ll listen to it at a party but he doesn’t even have that anymore. WHAT BOGGLES ME is how does this motherfucker act like he crushes ANYONE after how Game disrespected him, his crew, his dead mother, and everyone else THE WAY HE DID?!? Game is still getting money, hes in and out of NY, he completely exposed you in the most disrespectful ways for years – AND NOTHING HAPPENED TO HIM IN ANY SENSE. So wtf is Curtis talking about. Drop your garbage album so we can start hearing new music from Eminem.

  9. Mr. Sanchez Says:

    Ha… Says: “Exactly, talkin’ bout going gold only. That’s funny. Wayne can’t compete with 50, and that’s straight fact. Neither can Ross. It’s funny how people get mad at 50 for responding to niggas, but fail to remember that Ross started this out of no where.”

    ^^You must be a delusional fool who knows nothing about Hip Hop. How can Wayne not fuck with 50 be A FACT? I’m not a Wayne fan but The Carter III went 3x platinum! The last g unit album didnt even do gold and Curtis barely went over 1x platinum at a time when sales were better than they are now – and interscope baught a shitload of albums back. As far as emceeing/artistry is concerned, Wayne can be wack at times but hes still light years ahead of Boo Boo. And Ross didn’t start it out of nowhere. Last time Curtis was looking for attention dissing Fat Joe years after the fact, he was threatening Ross and taking shots at him. Ross is garbage to me also but hes STILL better than Curtis.

  10. console Says:

    50 won.

    rick ross is faker then wwe.

  11. e diddy Says:

    alotta u stupid motherfuckers saying 50 starts this beef…he didnt start shit.Ross sent out subliminal bull shit messages to create buzz for his piece of shit album…then curtis responds and hes starting the beef?

  12. Los Says:


    both Wayne & Ross let off shots at 50 first. this is just retaliation. just cause he fucked up like 10 rappers careers dont get it twisted he didnt start these two beefs. i mean if you aint gunna follow hiphop dont speak on it… do you even listen to music or just read blogs?

  13. Los Says:

    @Mr. Sanchez

    you mean 50 sayin he aint “chubby like ricky ross” is a subliminal shot? i think its fact hes a fat motherfucker. if anything that was a compliment

  14. gouchos Says:

    niggas be hhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttiiiiiinnnnnngggggg! I swear all these people was slobbing 50 off in like 03.

    Now he’s this and that. Slobbing weezy off not huh.

    whoever wrote the initial post sounds like he like’s dicks for dinner.

    AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh gay net niggas.

  15. JayEveryDay Says:

    you have rappers, lyricists and mc’s. rappers know how to make a good song…understand how to ride the beat…great flow…very melodic and have a great hook. lyricists are guys that know how to spit…have great command of the english language…very witty…great similes,metaphors and punchlines. and mc’s are a combination of rappers and lyricists combined with a ill stage presence. i’ll leave it to you guys to determine which mc fits what category. the reason i bring this up is that you are dealing with 2 rappers that are going at one another. each of them at a very important stage in their careers. 50 is not use to not succeeding. gunit album didn’t do what he thought i would…movie roles aren’t all that memorable and kanye and wayne seem to be selling music in a world where well let’s be honest, everyone is downloading music these days. rick ross is looking to take his career to the next level. in order to do that, he is going to have to leapfrog some heavyweight guys in the game to get that worldwide recognition that he is looking for. both guys have stepped up their game lyrically since their first albums. not to the point where they are solely gonna be recognized for their lyrics but their have been improvement. it will be interesting to see what rick ross comes up with because we haven’t seen ross get his hands dirty battling. 50 response record to ross wasn’t that great but since ross only threw a shot @ 50, curtis’ response didn’t have to be so great right from the jump. but ross has to show us that since he started it he is gonna hafta finish what he started. his shot at 50 was a hot line…he’s now gotta make a hot song. he’s dealing with a guy who for the most part has had a hand in making other established hip hop artists disappear (only cam’ron & ja rule) from the fan’s collective minds. if i’m in vegas imma have to put my chips on 50. gotta go with the sure thing. wayne not responding to 50 tells me that he has the right type of people surrounding him. 50’s attempt to bait wayne has not yet reached the point to where the fans are questioning wayne. wayne is doing what anybody who’s sold over a million copies of his cd would do…he’s staying busy and trying to cross over in a big way. the same thing 50 did when GRIDT exploded right out of the gate. of course if this rock album isn’t well received then he’s gonna have other issues bigger than 50 to deal with. also note…just because you are a great lyricist, doesn’t mean you will beat anyone in a battle. some of the greatest mc’s to have ever done it never battled anyone on wax. wayne might be better than 50 lyrically but is he as witty as 50? funnier than 50? these are things to take into consideration if wayne decides to step in the battle game with 50. i have all of the wayne mix cd’s and the carter III, both port of miami and trilla and all of 50 cd’s including some of the mix cd’s. i’m a fan of the game and as long as no one get physically hurt then it’s all good.

  16. kintell Says:

    this beef is over before it even really started.50 lives for this shit.ross is well ross.nuff said.and that batty boy wayne will never say shit back cause he knows 50 will get pictures of wayne bent over the couch while baby is ramming him in the butt talking bout “whos your daddy?” ya know the deal.

  17. Asher Roth Says:

    whoever says weezey > 50 is an idiot.

    FIF don’t play. JA rule them niggaz. U guys wanna talk crew? Fif is a monster

  18. BtotheJ Says:


    haha legend

  19. pr0lif Says:

    yo 50 watch what you say man, @ about 4:32 on this nigga Rawse pulled up to the spot.


  20. Darkness Says:

    Curtis part 2 March 09!!!!!!

  21. HAHAHAHAHA Says:


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  23. Keener Says:



  24. Himself Says:

    This type of buffoonery is why Nas proclaimed Hip Hop to be dead.50 has had the same marketing scheme everytime he’s album is about to ddrop(quite annoying already).Rawse is on some DrPhil shit too what the hell do you start sit with the next dude for because he didnt shake your hand.Fuck go get a hug already!!

  25. Bout Da Money Says:

    I’m from the FLA…On my Momma Niggas fuks with Trick, Bitches fuk with Plies, no one fuks with Rick Ross. PERIOD!

  26. Slicc Says:


    Wow with two exceptions out of 10 was there a real reason to provoke niggas coincidentally at the time when he needs publicity. I love rap, hip-hop,or whatever music you think I don’t listen to. I just don’t listen to niggas that have other niggas name in they mouth solely for their own benefit. You might say its retaliation but its an attention starving publicity stunt disguised as retaliation. There other ways to market your product, other real ways to stay relevant and significant in the game than off another niggas’ names. (note its plural meaning more than one nigga)

  27. - keka - Says:

    dang, im at a funeral for the weekend and i miss all the fun :|

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  29. RealTalk Says:

    This boy sux, he aint got no respect for artist ’cause he’s not an artist, he’s just a buissines sucker

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