Video: Rosenberg on the Set of “Flight of the Conchords”

Peter Rosenberg talks to Jemaine Clement of HBO’s Flight of the Conchords about Hip-Hop in New Zealand.

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51 Responses to “Video: Rosenberg on the Set of “Flight of the Conchords””

  1. Joe Turksta Says:

    haha awesome video!

    Not that often Kiwis get mentioned over there in the states. Scribe isn’t a bad artist and I recommend his music. He is one of my favourite locals.

    Another is Savage, who recently dropped his Savage Island album. I like his music, it isn’t bad.

    Another dude is Mareko. Track down his albums White Sunday and White Sunday 2. The first one features heaps of NYC peeps on it Like Beatnutz, Inspectah Deck etc. He has a 12″ floating around over in NY somewhere. Was in Fat Beats once upon a time.

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