Jim Jones feat. N.O.E. & Rell – Pray IV Reign


This is some Reasonable Doubt material right here. The title track off Pray IV Reign, which is dropping March 24th.

Jim Jones – Pray IV Reign

Rell & Jimmy is always a good combination in books. Splash made it rain with this one.

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322 Responses to “Jim Jones feat. N.O.E. & Rell – Pray IV Reign”

  1. buddyholly Says:

    sleep Says:
    Fuck it I’m patriotic but carribean girl»»american girls

    ^^ dem island girls just have that special quality..

    Barbados stand the fuck up!

  2. Rockabye Says:

    What TVs are people watching the Super Bowl on?

  3. YBE Says:

    Jay > Dame

  4. Jersey*made*me Says:

    sleep Says:

    January 30th, 2009 at 11:46 pm
    Girls dancing reggae»»girls dancing to hiphop

    Fuck it I’m patriotic but carribean girl»»american girls

    Word to Sean Paul(from Jamaica)videos vs. Sean Paul (from Atlanta)videos.

    It’s not even close

  5. spirit equality Says:

    comparing this subpar mixtape track to reasonable doubt is blasphemous and i’m not even a jay stan like that. first of all, comparing jim jones to jay in any rap context is ridiculous. that’s like comparing jay to baby from cash money or some shit. come on fam.

  6. Imperious Says:

    Gorilla Black to B.I.G. = N.O.E. to Jay-Z. Yo, they’re not slick signing this dude. Why does he sound so much like Jay!!? Lol.

  7. Mobile Laureate Says:

    Pray VI Album sales.

  8. sean t. kane Says:

    reasonable doubt material? honestly eskay? you should be embarrassed.

    come on, son…the song is pretty good, but to compare this to any song on reasonable doubt is insane. you’re better than that.

  9. d203 la Flare Says:

    Dame is looking mad pau.se worthy right now..

  10. d203 la Flare Says:

    Dame is looking mad pau.se worthy right now..

  11. d203hustle Says:

    Elm City wave 203 ooooowwwww…..Im the SUNAMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

  12. d203hustle Says:

    Henny VSOP >>>>>regular hen….coup huuuuhhhhhhh

  13. CHILLY Says:



  14. CHILLY Says:



  15. TO Says:


  16. OAK Says:

    That is the gayest picture I’ve seen in a minute. Where did that moment take place, the Blue Oyster? (Step your POLICE ACADEMY game up children)

    First you got Dame with a herpes blister on his cheek that probably happened when Jennifer Jones busted the first bukake round off. THEN you got that PR fag in the back with the thinnest of thin arched eyebrows and THEN, you know what JUST LOOK AT THAT PICTURE! It says a lot about hip hop right now…

    Sadat X was once asked who the gay rapper is, he laughed and said 95% of the industry is the gay rapper…


  17. Lil' Nello Says:

    I used to like Jones but then stopped listening to him cause his shit started being ass but I actually am feeling this a lot especially the hook! Rell is a real good R&B singer that should have already had an album out to! N.O.E did his thing on it to one of the few times I heard him & he didn’t end up sounding like Jay!

  18. young hype Says:

    damn thats a serious pimple on dash face lol jimmys new ghost > Max B

  19. Ira Says:

    Best Jimmy verse I’ve ever heard! This is pretty dope

  20. Interstate P Says:

    Damn man….smh @ myself for head-nodding to this..Jim’s verse is tight (for him only. i’m keeping perspective here, people. but he got in a couple of good lines)..other guy needs to Pray IV Good Lyrics..

    Reaching for rope now…

  21. Interstate P Says:

    Rell can get get the unapologetic co-sign though…

  22. nick alexis Says:

    man i wish u were my brother man i want to be a raper

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