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Video: Lil Wayne – Prom Queen (Live)

Weezy debuted his new single last night in San Diego.

Previously: Lil Wayne – Prom Queen

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24 Responses to “Video: Lil Wayne – Prom Queen (Live)”

  1. the watcherz Says:

    he doesnt have enough energy on stage to be considered a serious rocker. He should study up more greenday or sumthing

  2. freshley greene Says:

    Some questions:

    1. Has wayne become michael jackson of the Bad era?

    2. Is wayne gonna be the 1st rapper with his own theme park?

    3. And lastly, can macaulay culkin rap/lip sync on the remix?

  3. J-Focus Says:

    literally, LITERALLY, the worst thing ever. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this “album” will be terrible.

  4. Malakhi Says:

    You can tell he is totally out of his zone. And yes, he needs to be way more energetic for that some to preform well.

  5. Robbie Says:

    I was wrong, Wayne = GOAT.

  6. NDOTBAR Says:

    Pure garbage.

  7. A tribe called quest Says:

    Yo that S.Jones And CHarles ham cypher is Fucking Fresh. I have a new found respect for Serius jones.

    Charles ham went kinda weak but he hit hard with that last verse.

    Hiphop has a bright future

  8. SEVVYN Says:

    I know the consensus is Wayne’s new rock joint is triddash but I think it’s actually aight *waits for shots*

  9. SEVVYN Says:

    the live version = better w/some sistahs as background singers + sans auto-tune

  10. Jammy Jones Says:

    YO! Wayne’s ICEE WHITE Diapers go HARD son!

    YO! Wayne’s trying to hard, when he tries playing that guitar, it looks like he’s playing wit a clit yo!

  11. fran lee speakin Says:

    how do people let this bs pass. how you gonna wake up one day and say i am a rapper now or i am a rocker now. disrepectful dipshits dont realize it takes artistic ability and talent ? this fool needs a living colour cd bad.

    little wayne and others are killing music. why do you think the kids are listening to more white artists and real rockers ?

    (jumps off soapbox, blasts BDK’s RAW)

  12. GemsOfGemz Says:

    STFU fran lee

    anyone wayne annoys me a bit cuz i prefer the likes the lupe kanye & drake…etc ppl who dont front on what they are & who they is

    but wayne always got atleast one song i like cant front

    hmmm but the performance was blah like amanda diva on that beyonce beat

  13. fran lee speakin Says:

    suck my dick gems !

  14. GemsOfGemz Says:

    you got a dick?
    you fagit offering me to give your oral sex
    you fagit
    eskay should ban fagits like you from this site
    and your gf ready returned the favor haha
    tell her i said hi

  15. silas Says:

    i think he needs some more tats, track could be way dope if he quit fckn with that auto tune and go in hard with the vocals.

  16. Kid Icarus Says:

    “That was Prom Queen Yall hehehe” We know its gay.

  17. Floco Torres Says:

    I dug the recorded version so much more because of the lyrics…..for me music is about how it makes you feel as well to what it sounds like….I can relate to the topic….i dont know why he performed that song cause his stage presence isnt really exciting all the time…..lol But Im kinda interested in how this plays out and how bad everybody kills him for it haha

  18. Lelan Says:

    S H I T

    Also has any 1 heard of frank lee white

  19. xty Says:

    yesss… the live version is much better that the album version… album version sucks

  20. Abe!!! Says:

    Why Would You Play A Gutiar On Stage Wit No Amp?!

  21. BornIn83 Says:

    (crickets…….)…………….wow…………………logs off and falls back asleep

  22. kryptonikelevation Says:

    Can anyone else smell a FLOP? haha …wait till Curtis goes in on this trash, Mr.

  23. kryptonikelevation Says:


  24. pacino Says:

    wayne looks like a goat…

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