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Video: The Game Savvy Show with The Game

Still has Jay-Z’s name in his mouth, no end in sight.

Hip-Hop icon The Game stops in the Glass City shooting it with The Infamous DJ OneTyme and DJ J Roc from The Juice 107.3 studios. The discussion covers eveything from his latest and self proclaimed, “Best work yet..” to his thoughts on Jay-Z’s comments and about his enevitable suicide attempt. The Game, kept it official for the Glass City and the world. Watch this episode of Game Savvy. “Its the Show the Players Watch.”

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6 Responses to “Video: The Game Savvy Show with The Game”

  1. jayRsoprano Says:

    Damn, those radio hosts are mad tackie……the gaaaammmmeee…lol

  2. Mel D Cole Says:

    Slow news day huh?

  3. Mobb Deep Says:

    wait…did they just call game a hip hop icon

    also i dont think enevitable is a word….lol his inevitable suicide, that shit makes it seem like its unavoidable and hes def killing himself, like tomorrow

  4. conducta Says:

    how the fuck are you gonna post this bullshit and try to make it seem like it’s new?? seriously man.

  5. DetroitsSilvaBack Says:

    I hope this is old as hell and he was just high as hell that day, cause game is nice, but HOV……. come on dog you could barely handle 50 and he cant spit. Jay will murder this cube wanna be ni@@a, Jay could diss him in a verse and it would take this nigga about 5 times listening to it to figure it out.
    Game is an OK RAPPER
    Jay Z is one of the top LYRICIST in the game

  6. Lee Says:


    this video is like from the last summer

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