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Lil Wayne – Prom Queen (NMC Tags)


The first single off Rebirth which is dropping April 7th, according to MTV.

The first single is called “Prom Queen” and will debut on the Internet right after a live stream of his concert in San Diego on January 27.

Nah Right? It’s still technically January 24th on the West Coast…

Lil Wayne – Prom Queen

Aside from this beautiful little leak, Lil Wayne’s people are stepping the fuck away from this rock album, saying it has nothing to do with the previous Carters even though Wayne had originally said that the other Carter III was gonna be subtitled The Rebirth.

UPDATE: Here’s the tagless version of the song.

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75 Responses to “Lil Wayne – Prom Queen (NMC Tags)”

  1. Bill Hu$tle Says:

    pure trash

  2. Victory Says:

    The Ecstatic

  3. sleep Says:

    I refuse to listen to this due to my respect for rock music.

  4. sleep Says:

    Baby stay behind wayne y/h I’m sure that’s him with the red hat.

  5. Victory Says:

    He thinks he’s Mos.

    I bet all of the New Danger haters will hail this shit.

  6. sleep Says:

    New danger sucked but I never was really a mos fan. Not because I think he’s wack, but I just can’t listen to every rapper.

  7. Jtang Says:

    beats good, singing sucks

    croakin like a frog

  8. jdot Says:

    system of a down anybody?

  9. Victory Says:

    The New Danger is my favourite rock album

  10. Beewirks Says:

    this shit is wack….but I bet them white hoes gonna jump on this so heavy…smh

  11. Ladele Says:

    it was good..beat was great and the singin was what can b expected of Wayne..atleast we know he knew what he was doin…be open minded

  12. Smear Says:

    sleep Says:

    January 25th, 2009 at 2:14 am
    I refuse to listen to this due to my respect for rock music.
    Exactly, shits downright disrespectful to both true rock and true rap.
    But sad truth is, I bet anything this trash will be gobbled up by toy cunts across the globe. Speakin of which I saw lildWayne featurin in some off-brand rock band’s video clip the other day and almost choked on my bacon n eggs. Shit was disgustingly corny.

  13. pfunktheking Says:

    more lil wayne.. i know people love him, and i know people hate him. but damn, this guy just shits out songs like he got the runs.
    i wanna know what the actually lil wayne library consists of. like how many songs since the carter has this guy done.. i don’t really bump anything before that.. like 500 degreez and the block is hot.. well the block is hot was dope..

  14. Smear Says:

    Victory Says:

    January 25th, 2009 at 2:38 am
    The New Danger is my favourite rock album
    that’s just downright fuckin wrong Vic. On so many levels.

  15. Smear Says:

    this guy just shits out songs like he got the runs.
    metaphorically spot the fuck on. Shit being the key word and all.

  16. Victory Says:

    # Smear Says:
    January 25th, 2009 at 2:53 am

    Victory Says:

    January 25th, 2009 at 2:38 am
    The New Danger is my favourite rock album
    that’s just downright fuckin wrong Vic. On so many levels.


    They say you’ve made it on nah when theres a particular commenter who will hate on you whenever you post.

  17. k1ng Says:

    yeezy on auto tune >>>> weezy on auto tune

  18. PHENOMENON Says:

    Kanye Martin Louis The King J.r. > _________.


    Lol, dude is kinda ill.

  19. PHENOMENON Says:

    I like how Nah fu*ked up my post.

    But anyway. . .


    ^ ^
    Martin Louis The King J.r.

  20. k1ng Says:

    Ima go a head and say it

    Kenye lost his fucking mind and so did Wayne. I’m going to officially stop downloading any of their new songs until it’s “RAP” again.


  21. Smear Says:

    Im out. Cheers

  22. the truth Says:

    why is lil’ wayne becoming wayne brady?

    white ppl love…. lil’ wayne? oh no.. :(

  23. Polow Da Don Says:

    what does Nah Right? mean? I was never clear on that.

  24. hip hop cops Says:

    3:50 am post because my girls got the visitor and i’m sleepless:

    catching up on you nahggers:

    vic, sorry mate, i was in total shit mood this morning. you are doing your thing, keep on it

    fux: don’t roll with a 25, son. if you’re going to pack, pack. god forbid shit goes down stop the man in question. (II). my 2 cents

    sidebar: my girl and our 4 friends tonight tried to explain how in the us you can be a friendly nice person and still have at least one up close gun experience in your life. it’s what we do. this dutch couple couldn’t fathom it. circle your dike nurba

    i’m off to the east for like 2 months, ya’ll be cool. some of the smartest cats on the net. stay up. one

  25. Absent Says:

    i can see this growing on me and quickly becoming overplayed by all radio stations.

    west coast? nation, i thought you were from MTL? don’t tell me you defected

  26. M.Tyson Says:

    why is this lil nig still alive?

  27. Victory Says:

    # M.Tyson Says:
    January 25th, 2009 at 4:46 am

    why is this lil nig still alive?
    exactly my sentiments

  28. pfunktheking Says:

    drake x lil wayne x santogold- unstoppable remix

    shit is doper than this prom queen song.. way doper…

  29. layzeboi Says:

    stop crying u little whining beeches y bother posting stay away from his shit … other than that its pretty dope… something different.

  30. Johnny Drama Says:

    Wow.. Lil Wayne’s making Rock albums, Kanye’s making R&B albums..


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  32. B Tank Says:

    Shit kanye makes a r&b album and Lil wayne is making a Rock album
    what’s next Jay-Z is going to make a country album
    This song is so wack

  33. AJ Says:

    I just wrote down all the words:
    Lil Wayne Prom Queen Lyrics

  34. Deez Says:

    track is utter garbage. and i know Tags are nothing new…..but its a way of the past. lmfao @ “ohhhhh we got it first so lets slug our name all over the track.” nobody cares….atleast in the real world, maybe they do in omg internetz land. Maybe there, it makes ur cockle feel bigger. “Clue…clue….clue…clue” Damn….mixtape djs dont shout as much trash over a track as yall.

  35. pause. i still like wayne Says:

    did he just jump the shark?

  36. Amor Jones Says:

    this shit isn’t really HALF bad. By no means is it good but it’s not as bad as I expected. It sounds a little like a mixture of System Of A Down mixed with My Chemical Romance a little bit.

  37. Lee Says:

    A king of hip hop has became a pawn in rock. That shit is pure garbage

  38. hecktic Says:

    yesss….the demise of the Wayne Era…this shit sucks

    *puts on Joey’s Who pt 1 -3*

    thats better

  39. Whatevs Says:

    Oh, brother. REALLY? Come on now, history lesson time. Go see Notorious everyone.

  40. biz Says:

    1.)beats good, singing sucks

    2.)this shit is wack….but I bet them white [girls] gonna jump on this so heavy…smh


    2.)i’ll be there to “catch” em too

  41. biz Says:

    why is this lil nig still alive?
    I kno right ? Wtf.

  42. Lex Says:

    wow honestly idk how to feel about this song…

    he sounds like s frustrated kid still in high school

    the beat is cool but he just creeps me out throughout the whole thing lol

  43. jayRsoprano Says:

    lol @ da look on waynes face in dat pic

  44. Cloudman Says:

    Holy shit this is fucking terrible.

  45. spirit equality Says:

    drake x lil wayne x santogold- unstoppable remix

    shit is doper than this prom queen song.. way doper…

    ^ ^ of course it is, because that’s a rap song, i.e. the genre wayne is supposed to be in.

  46. jimjimjimjim Says:


  47. Nai_StrictlyFitteds Says:

    Wow, Weezy trying to do Weezer. Someone declare war on Autotune, please.

  48. Nai_StrictlyFitteds Says:

    Bad Brains, Fishbone. Nuff said.

  49. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Lil Wayne - Prom Queen (No Tags) Says:

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  50. shubee829 Says:

    this shit is garbage!!!! hes a fake gangster rapper!!! wanna be rocking it up!!! big< tupac and jay z!!! no one betta!!!! nyc!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. austinn123 Says:

    hahah…. i bet this song will b a hit and they’ll play it into the ground. even tho it sucks and gives me a headache every time i listen to it. What will wayne do next??? terrible song

  52. SmoothBoss22 Says:

    honestly the beat is good but wayne’s singin is horrible.
    i just tune him out n listen to the beat.

  53. xrestle5smind Says:

    straight up disrespect to the true rock music… you don’t see Sepultura or Metallica trying to rap is just not their think… so lil wayne should stick to what he does and is not rock and when he sings he sounds like a midget’ voice with all that distortion they add to it, he’s shit is weak.

  54. Awiz Says:

    This is a hot song. If another rock band would have made it yall would love it. Let the man do him. And just because Sepultura or Metallica are not rapping doesnt mean Wayne cant do Rock. He has always loved Rock music. Its Just in him. Dont hate!

  55. Money Says:

    What the fuck Wayne is the luckiest man alive he has so many haters like how he do it I guess he worked at it they hate him so much but instead of not listenin to his music and not typing in his name they search him and write on blog sites I don’t listen to certain artist because of my own particular taste in music so there for they are Casper the friendly ghost to me besides respect do what you love and don’t stop for no body y can’t you people see that it’s not hard you people know who you are so look at your self go to school get some knowledge make ah beat ah some choke your self just try not to hate for one day and let it build I always woundered about y’all

  56. Germsy Says:

    i’d like to see any of you closed minded haters haters mix rock and rap this well

  57. DopeTrackKing Says:

    When Jay did collision course with Linkin Park I loved that shit! And I like certain artist from different genres. Wayne is like a sponge, that dude soaks everything up. He’s also a dreamer, that nigga said that he was the greatest rapper alive and and now you actually have to wiegh that shit. For motherfuckers to doubt this nigga is insane! Yeah Kanye flipped but it was a turning point in his life and he made beauty out of a bad situation. And you know he has an ear for music, so understand no matter what he does it’s going to have an effect on a large number of people. Both of these dudes are crossover artist and in a time of nationwide heartship, we need new ideas and new thinking, from a different prospective to shine light on old forms from a different standpoint!(Thank God for Obama) If he wants rock, then I say “stand back and watch him rock!” There are only a few people who can do whatever they want and get away with it, and he is one of them, but trust me if they do change, its coming from the heart and not the pocket book! I wonder will weezy be ” The Best Rocker Alive!” We got a black president and Jimi Hendrix, killed that shit and by the way who said you had to be a great guitarist to shout out insane vocals! I don’t follow rock just like I didn’t follow politics, but I’m sure all great bands have great lead vocalists and from the lil bit that I have heard in my life rock was never about having the sweetest voice ever heard, that shit is rough and gritty, and paints a picture and I know weezy is capable of painting pictures! Hopefully he can make us understand eachother more. And by the way The Shop Boy’s “Party Like a RockStar” was the shit! Stop hating or do better than the ones doing it, otherwise you have no say so! DopeTrack

  58. 86 Says:

    Um, I just want to say that I’m a very opened minded person, who listens to all types of music, and well, after hearing this I have two words: IT SUCKS.

    If you’re gonna embrace rock music, at least respect it at the same time. It’s sad that there’s gonna be millions of people who love Wayne who will think this is good rock.

  59. 86 Says:

    open* minded.

  60. The Critic Says:

    Please shut the fuck up talking shit about how this isnt rap and its not rock big fucking deal if wayne wants to take a new direction with his music and same for kanye. dont be so ignorant, gansta and all that bullshit hes a musician when it comes to MUSIC and this isnt amazing but it isnt terrible.

  61. Jenascia Says:

    Speakin of which I saw lildWayne featurin in some off-brand rock band’s video clip the other day and almost choked on my bacon n eggs.
    ^ That “off brand” of which you speak is Fall Out Boy, and they’re on the same label as such acts as Bon Jovi, Mariah Carey and Lionel Richie. Learn something, you fucking ignoramus. SMH maybe you should have choked

  62. Charming Says:

    WOW. I dont know. I like the dude… but fuck.. its hard to listen to this garbage. This is hip hop. he is a hip hop artist. Why change it? I think its a proven fact after you sell so much records you go insane. Soon he will be dying his skin white and hangning little babies out of windows off of 5 story hotels

  63. Drum Machine Says:

    All you people hate but the reality is all you are just mad that your favorite musiscian cant do the shit Dwayne does and get away with it. I mean the guy is a fucking genius and all you can talk on and on but at the end of the day hes still fucking rich and powerfull can get girls in bulk. As far as “disrespecting rock music” I am a professionaly drummer in a rock band and I dont feel disrespected at all. If you disagree then why are all you still broke and dont make brilliant fucking music; the day I hear all your fucking music on the radio is the day the music industry dies. yeah the song ist the illest but I still hear it thumpn everywhere

    …..lol you guys swear you know music. how about you read me a piece first

  64. Heidi Says:

    I think all lil wayne’s shit is hard.
    and i respect him for
    doin what he wants and likes
    and not givin a fuck about what any of you
    cunts think.
    keep up the fresh rhymes, weezy.

  65. Moussa Asfour Says:

    iv listened to the track i think the beat is good. the lyrics are good too. His vocals are very very very bad! but i think with some mic practice weezy will soon get the hang of it. at the beginning of the song it reminded me a lot of system of a down.

  66. kay tee Says:

    wayne got more tings to rock up wid, ya devil;s hatin, dwayne does not give a f*ck abt ya dirt ides

  67. kristine Says:

    what the hell is this? he’s a RAPPER. not a rocker. he thinks he runs the fuckin’ music industry because he’s “weezy baby”.
    no. he’s pathetic and needs to stick to one genre. this disgusts me.

  68. Drew Says:

    Complete and total dogs*it in every sense of the word. One of the worst things I have ever heard after such a hot album. Going to go vomit now. Really that terrible. Loved waynes creative wordplay in his raps now i just want to go throw up. Enough said. Oh and your a bunch of fairyqueen bandwagon girls if you like this trash.

  69. Drum Machine Says:

    but yet your the one who is sitting at home wishing you had his life lol thats why I love these sites

    and for you

    you know i respect your point of view Carter 3 ws pretty fucking ill….

    yeah newho eat a dick asshole you aint shit and will never be anything keep dreaming on shit lol just kill your self ya fuckn loser! hahahaha

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  72. Ian Says:

    Yeah 2 words, this sucks

  73. to all those haters Says:

    listen ur all haters! his rock band is awsome kicks a$$ stop drinking that haterade …. ur respect for rock music ok there u redneck his song is better then most rock songs out todaylistento the song and STFU!

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  75. soad Says:

    In the guitar sounds like SYSTEM OF A DOWN that is so weird!!

    Long life to METAL!!!

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