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Video: Cam’ron on Frenyc TV (March ’07)

Some instant vintage footage of Cam running around with producer Frenyc.

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15 Responses to “Video: Cam’ron on Frenyc TV (March ’07)”

  1. jayRsoprano Says:


  2. k1ng Says:

    is cam still makin paper off dipset?

  3. Casket Face Says:

    Fat Beats NYC be smelling like T.V. Dinner meatloaf and ass sometimes…I be kinda scared that floor gonna cave in LOL…

    My only motivation for going to Fat Beats is that short chick that works weeknights Ooooo, I want to give her some “Fat Beats”.

  4. Victory Says:

    where’s cam’ron?

    And I must say, what an imaginative name.

    Harlem dude: What’s your new rap name Cameron?
    Killa: Cam’ron
    Harlem dude: what?

    Cam then proceed to explain the genius of the name to harlem dude.

  5. Prada Main Says:


    this is a bullshit clip.

    So my homie just graduated from Customs Academy and he came back into town last night. He hollers and wants to go out. So we go to my usual bar about 9 deep and 5 niggas 4bitches(no wifeys). Then dudes is getting bored, so I holler at my boy who runs a club Downtown Diego, “Yo what Up can you get 10 people in no problem” he says “Ya but you need to get two bottles from me, alot of people here some dude named Kid CuDi is performing tonight” i say via text “ohh shit thats my dude, Two Bottles thats it? I got you my nig” he says “you know him? I can introduce you if you want when you get here” … I say “Ok” ………. boom we get there and mad niggas there with they most impressive fitted’s and skinny jeans, Your boy was kangoled and Patent leather Chucked up, but CuDi is already performing and Im like damn i Lost ….my homies think im a faggot for saying “this nigga is Kanye but fresher” ……. the girls suprisngly know who he is cuz one of them says “day n night is my Myspace song” i say in Nahright fashion “Myspace?, damn that shit fell off” …. sidenote: the bar we were at is mad suspect so I had the 25 on me, and subsequently had that on me in the club, uncomfortable like motherfucker. Ok so CuDi finishes up and this dude is on some “no pics” type shit. But my boy comes over after a while and says “Yo you want to say wassup to CuDi” and I mad drinks in say “sure whatever” I go overthere 4hoe’s in tow and see Cudi and his security says “no Pics” and I say “dont worry Nigga Im NAHRIGHT” and Cudi hears and laughs…..we take a pic and I tell him “These four hoes which won do you want? or do you swing for the fence cuz I got a fag nigga over there with us” …….that nigga laughs and I take a pic and diddybop back to my table.
    side note: SO I SEE ALCHEMIST, and My homie who is hip-hop versed says “ohh Shit Alchemist” a white girl standing right there says “Ya” and he says “You with Alchemist” she says “no” and he says “ok then come over here to our table, all the drinks you want” she comes over and says “let me tell my girlfriends” and 2minutes later 4 hoes comes over, good looking and this one Somalian Bitch *speaks Arabic* takes a liking and for some reason she can sense my arabness and spits a few words to the god in Arabic and I say “wala ante guana” and she laughs and I proceed to feel up on her impeccable ass. Needless to say she rolled with me out the club and I took her home, I didnt fuck though, half way toward her house I started feeling guilty and told her I had to wake up early, she gave me her number and I left. Good times

  6. Casket Face Says:

    this video was stupid..fat ass nigga amazed but a microwave and Cam’Ron hiatus was booming in “07”…

    Killa Cam > Hip-Hop

  7. Mag Says:

    computers still puttiin’

  8. ant Says:

    the soup is the funniest shit ever


    the soup is the funniest shit ever

    ^ ^
    Lol, yep.

  10. Casket Face Says:

    >>>computers still puttiin’

    Like I said yesterday, this was the hardes metaphore in Hip-Hop
    nigga was talking about blogs before it was cool to have one…

    if anyone else spoke about blogs back them it would’ve equaled automatic fail lol

    Cam > Life

  11. SeeAmI? Says:

    good story prada main…

  12. The Truth... Says:

    And I must say, what an imaginative name.

    Harlem dude: What’s your new rap name Cameron?
    Killa: Cam’ron
    Harlem dude: what?

    Cam then proceed to explain the genius of the name to harlem dude.

    You a Joe Budden fan? If yes…shut up.

  13. Plus Money Says:

    …wasn’t Duke Da God just clowin this nigga on the World Star the other daay? hahah


  14. Kell-El Says:

    F&ck work I’m Biggie Smalls/I lazy/No lazy eye/but I maybe high/Dipset Delta Airlines every day we fly

  15. Jewtino Says:

    Lions, Tigers, Bears OH MY!

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