Saigon – Pushin’ Buddens (Joe Budden Diss)

Round 4. Look ma, no tags! It’s an NMC thing. Shake!

Saigon – Pushin’ Buddens (Joe Budden Diss)

Previously: Joe Budden – Pain In His Life (Saigon Diss)

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375 Responses to “Saigon – Pushin’ Buddens (Joe Budden Diss)”

  1. joffe jo Says:

    nirun Says:

    January 21st, 2009 at 4:04 pm
    Man Vs. Wild >>>>>

    is that the shhit with bear on it? Theat fool drinks his own piss and everything he’s fucking wild

  2. Smee Says:

    nirun Says:

    January 21st, 2009 at 4:02 pm
    when all this shit boils down people will look back at this beef and realize that Sai and Joey just went at it because they couldn’t afford publicity in any other way…

    ^That’s instantly what I thought…

    ^^^ It worked though. I am going to [strike]buy[/strike] download that padded room the day it comes out.

  3. Smee Says:

    ^^^buy fuggin wordpress

  4. Joe 88 Says:

    casket face you alright in my book (n/h) but your killing yourself right now, proving something to people you don’t know = instant loss

    And having a name like “Casket Face”doesn’t help too much either

    No shots dead serious just calm down man, you might pull a muscle or something

  5. sangano Says:


    JOE > SAI

  6. MiamiDaze Says:

    Has Two Times been reincarnated?

  7. nirun Says:

    January 21st, 2009 at 4:04 pm
    Man Vs. Wild >>>>>

    is that the shhit with bear on it? Theat fool drinks his own piss and everything he’s fucking wild


    Bear Grylls is him.. ex SAS

    this guy gives out a lot of survival information he learned in the special forces, show is mad informative

  8. moses Says:

    Quiet as kept, The Big Bang Theory is that wave…before Tyler Perry, they need to lynch David Alan Grier first…that Choclate News is just…damn. It’s so bad that any pass you might have given him based on In Living Color is just forfeited.

  9. ave Says:

    dis nigga is like da knicks joe ended dis battle wit da 2nd diss a lot of shit he said in dat diss went over niggas heads deres no way saigon got dis nigga.he recyclin shit he said in da 1st diss he talkin tuff shit gay shit niggas souped over fab n dna line he was talkin botu fab n joe girl in da 1st diss n he takes 4 days to come out wit dis? “turtle couldnt help him maybe shells will” niggas talkin bout entourage….”…..”and the poor fans kept the hope,but prison is the only place he was next to blow,so he calls me a fag like he homophobic,cause they had him on his knees like homo hold it,spun around,hes screaming o dont poke it, its a small world how you think joe dont know it?!,guess theres where the lies get deeper,he went in a tight end but came out a wide receiver” ” u couldnt get a deal on entourage”….DAS ETHER MY FRIENDS n das jus a few

  10. Mole Man Says:

    # Boosie Says:
    January 21st, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    coach > frasier

    Someone help this man get a brain on some scarecrow shit. Good lord.

  11. SB Says:

    this shit is raw.

  12. wsquar3d Says:

    word? that’s it?

    ….so that’s that then.

  13. Harrold Letterman Says:

    ***So after 2 rounds, how do you have it Harrold?***

    Alright, Jim… 19 to 18, Joe Budden

    Round one was a horrible round for Saigon, really came in unprepared. Joe Budden looked impressive and kept him at the end of some stinging jabs. All Saigon could do was swing for the fences but really, nothing landed. I got 10 to 8, Jump Off Joe for Round 1

    Different story in Round 2…aside from all the Tray dissin (and no i don’t think Joe brought the kids into it as he dissed Sai for bein a deadbeat, NOT Sai jr.) Sai held his own…told him the lightskinned skrawny dudes get f*cked in the prison so “play your position.” Sai used the soundbites well and found a way to incorporate Joe’s own ad libs on the Pump it Up. Saigon gets the second Round 10 to 9 for showmanship.

    What I originally thought would be a wash, may actually turn out to be a good battle.

  14. Kenny Says:

    Saigon is trash! Joey destroyed this dude!!! Saigon has NO LYRICS and his FLOW Gah-BAGE!! Oh boy picked a fight wit the wrong dude.

    3rd round K.O. —-Joe Buddens smashing Jus Blaze’s son son.

  15. Esdot Says:

    Wow, I was surprised that Sia came back like that. I respect it. Nothing like Joeys but damn over the Pump It Up beat? “What kind of grown man says Uhhh?” Wow. I liked that Sia

  16. al wazir Says:

    Saigon will whoop that nigga head. And for some more aggressive rap peep the lil homie
    Young Hootie

    “The Red Tape” features guest appearances from Mitchy Slick, 211, Jay Rock, A-Wax, Problem and more!!!

    d/l link:

  17. jdot Says:

    Sai came back from the grave and straight kicked his teeth in

  18. radioraheem Says:

    Saigon’s diss aint a bad record. But it’s certainly not better than Joey’s diss. Saigon said very little that he hadn’t already said before. And his whole style was just way more simplistic and just wasn’t as clever. Saigon got most artistic at the end with Pump It Up. But even that was wasted saying the same shit – gay this, gay that.

    I thought his “Letter J” thing was awful. Overall, not a bad effort by Saigon. Better than the first joint he leaked. But Joey’s wins this without even a second thought. Joey’s record was just much harder lyrically from beginning to end. More clever from start to finish.

  19. Los Says:

    this is better than his first round shots but it’s still not touchin budden’s response. and when he spits round 3 you won’t hear from sai cause he’s already recycled the same disses

    joe’s opening = 1
    sai’s response = 0 (should be -1)
    joe’s 2nd round = 1
    sai’s 2nd round response = 0

    joey 2 sai 0

  20. ty from linden blvd Says:

    round 1……joe budden

    round 2……….saigon

    HAROLD LEDERMAN ON THE CHECK IN…………..vvvvvvvvvvvvvv

    look Jim in rd 1 joe came out and fought is fight,saigon had a game plan but then he got hit,in fact after a few punches joe had saigon on the ropes,almost a 10-8 round,but saigon survived.

    round two ohh man i guess saigon needed a round to wake up because he sure did come out swinging,joe looked like he might have took this round off he almost took the night off!!round 2 to saigon.


  21. Los Says:

    yall are retarded. arent there only 4 disses out? if joe started it sai just put out his round 2 response and it ain’t live up to joe’s round 2 opener. stop bein stupid.

  22. Los Says:

    letter to saigon >> underacheiver (round 1 to budden)
    pain in his life >>>> pushin buddens (round 2 to budden)

  23. iron86 Says:

    No Shots @ Anyone! – Why is that no one can have their own opinion of what they like or don’t like? Just because you don’t agree with someone or something being the “GOAT” it doesn’t make you a faggot, racist, or a fucking idiot, it makes you an INDIVIDUAL, someone whom is able to think for themself and not be influenced by public opinion. Try something and then form an opinion of it (Except for homosexual shit). By the way I think Seinfeld is dope. I used to date this chick who was all into SFeld back in ’95. I thought it was some Crakka Ass Crakka shit but I watched it and it was funny as fuck!

    *Prepares to be called a faggot, emo & whatever else by a bunch of eGangsters and eMurderers*

  24. righteous skill Says:

    stalemate…both rappers fanbase grows, more hits on the websites

  25. Jah D?K Says:

    -if you reuse ur bars from a previous song, ur not clever and ur not nice(saigon).
    -here’s a comparison, Nas did ether, Jay did Supa-ugly as a response talkin about Nas’ baby moms and baby seats, low blow, and ended the battle where Nas WON, and I’m a Jay-z Fan. Joey gave him the ether biz while Saigon came with another diss saying “um…oh…but ya son still gay and ya girl fucked fab…unghhhhhhh” whining as he does. Any one seen that broadway play turned movie “MISS SAIGON”? i bet that’ll come up on the next diss record, lol.

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