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Lil Wayne – Call Of Duty + Filthy + Breaktime + How You Doing


The Empire commits a rape on Lil Wayne’s stash once again. Check out the whole tape here.

Lil Wayne – Call Of Duty

Lil Wayne – Filthy

Lil Wayne – Breaktime

Lil Wayne – How You Doing

Big thanks to Empty Contact Mr. X

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17 Responses to “Lil Wayne – Call Of Duty + Filthy + Breaktime + How You Doing”

  1. Fr3ddy P. Says:


  2. Fr3ddy P. Says:

    who is giving The Empire all these damn tracks btw?

  3. PHOENIXXX Says:

    how exactly do they continue to do this and get away with it?

  4. AustraliaRepresent Says:

    *Leaves first ever comment on Nahright*

    *Types like this because it’s 2009*

    *Awaits acceptance*

  5. embark Says:

    This nigga’s label stay tight too. Who you think is footin the bill for these tracks? Theyre lucky this dude is a workaholic tho. He’ll just bangout some more shit. (literally)

  6. Kid Icarus Says:

    These are throw away and recycled. I cant take another shit reference. Break time beats is cool though.

  7. Tray Says:

    I’m just trying to decide if “pull up and shoot like J.J. Redick” is a dated reference or if it’s real up to the minute now that J.J.’s starting to get a little playing time.

  8. Lee Says:

    How the hell does lil stay rapping. Dude should be burnt out from all these mixtapes. I give him props though. Also I’m curious is it just me or is nicki ninaj bangin! That chick is dirty I swear. Check out her interviews on world star. I’m like she’s not very lady like but sum times u don’t want a lady u want a freak.

  9. Fr3ddy P. Says:

    ^Yea, I wanna put it Nicki’s butt…

  10. Fr3ddy P. Says:

    “I’ve never been to a Lil Wayne studio session,” Empire told XXLMag.com. “He gotta look at his inside camp and understand that I got those records from somebody that sits right next to him on a bus…That’s co-signing him while he’s talking about me. I’m not gonna put his name out there, but it’s one of those guys. They’re sitting next to him every day.”

    wonder how much each track goes for…

  11. jayRsoprano Says:

    Lil Stayne

  12. Mixtape Torrents Says:

    if Wayne dies he might end up being as popular as tupac to this generation. Simply because he has so much content that can be recycled. I stopped listening lil wayne mixtapes years ago, because of this fact. We gotta make sure this kid keeps healthy, it’s scary to think of him as a legend.

  13. SDP Says:

    weezy fukin baby!!

  14. jayRsoprano Says:

    @ Mixtape Torrents – Real Talk!

  15. Mag Says:


  16. NO LIMOS Says:

    […] fuck it Tags: leaked, limos, me, wayne […]

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    […] Man was previously on The Empire’s Southern Slang 11 with the title How You Doing and without the Pharrell […]

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