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Video: B.o.B, Charles Hamilton & Asher Roth – Change Gonna Come

I remember watching this somewhere a while back, but I don’t recall where, or why I didn’t post it. Gotty just threw it up and that reminded me of its existence.

Bonus: $hamrock ft. B.o.B. – Doing It

^Yep, that’s $hamrock from The White Rapper Show.

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15 Responses to “Video: B.o.B, Charles Hamilton & Asher Roth – Change Gonna Come”

  1. nation Says:

    Papoose’ version >>>

  2. dp Says:

    First fuckers

  3. Carlos VOltron Says:

    Yep, that’s $hamrock from The White Rapper Show.


  4. D. Says:

    smh @ wgn reporting what obama’s having for lunch after the inauguration

  5. sk Says:

    where that hov remix

  6. Victory Says:

    Don’t tell me thay’re sampling Sam Cooke.

    If they are, I feel to go to America right now and stab all of them in their vital organs.

  7. keys 2 the city Says:

    victory why so serious?! sam i think would have blessed this track himself had he been alive to see this song become the voice of change that it did. ya’ll should also remember that sam wrote this song as a response to bob dylan’s “blowin in the wind” it amazed him how a white dude could write such a gripping song about inequality and change. heady stuff.

  8. Mils Says:

    I’m with you Victory. I’m not mad at the song, but to me the Original is an untouchable in the world of sampling. It’s my personal opinion so it won’t stop anyone from using it again…..just sharing my thoughts.

  9. Dominicano Says:

    The sample is fiyah..but the new school cats didn’t really do it any justice. now put some older heads like jay-z nas rakim..i can hear rakim eatin this track seriously.

  10. embark Says:

    >>>>> ROth…..

    Then token WB butchered this. He didnt ride this (CLASSIC) beat well at all.

  11. airrboii Says:

    we’ve been pompous ever since columbus couldn’t work a compass

    ^thats fire what are you talking about?!

  12. dried figs Says:

    obama doesn’t give a fuck about black people, white people or whatever people. look at his team, look at the commissions he belongs to and realize that his afflicting, brainwash speeches have gotten all you. most of you just listen to him and his bullshit and don’t know a damn thing about politics or his policies. don’t say you do, because you don’t. and if you did you wouldn’t have voted for the left or right. the government lies. you pay the bills for this country and they lie to you. you don’t read. start doing it.

    ash roth owned this distorted beat. sit down.


  13. QM Says:

    Dipset version Shits on this

  14. Kell-El Says:

    QM Says:

    January 20th, 2009 at 12:09 am
    Dipset version Shits on this

    ^ Double Word

  15. jayRsoprano Says:

    Whos $hamrock and whats the White Rapper show??

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