Video: Nucci Reyo – The Only Way

Hit the jump for a freestyle from Nucci, Kay M and Elete on A-List Radio.

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13 Responses to “Video: Nucci Reyo – The Only Way”

  1. herbal kint Says:

    M.Tyson Says:
    January 18th, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    theres a whole lot of people in between those 2 ( none ) but theres no doubt Fitz is far and away the best WR in the league

    Fitz > Andre Johnson > Brandon Marshall or Calvin Johnson > Reggie Wayne then maybe Moss

  2. Digital Scales Says:

    Pockets tell me again why it would be water base aliens visiting earth

  3. wavery_johnson Says:

    almost got it

    fitz>andre>brandon marshall>smitty>calvin johnson>moss>wayne

    and im sure im forgetting someone but u cant mention best wideouts witout steve smith in there

  4. wavery_johnson Says:

    & fuck you casket face
    you ugly nigga (II)


  5. BKScribe Says:

    the Eagles D pause…. lacks heart

  6. nirun Says:

    doodoo paste > casket face

  7. Furiou$tylez is Aggressive Content Says:

    that nigga casket thought it was a game…

    like he could just come back everyday and act like shit didnt happen and it would be all good…

    golly gee was he wrong…

  8. Furiou$tylez is Aggressive Content Says:

    kurt warner is throwing his balls all over the eagles d…

  9. CiCi The Intern Says:

    Man, damn…

  10. pr0lif Says:

    lol @ the line ” cut fresh like i got lined wit a lazer ”
    I’m sure he was talking about his tracks or something, but dude don’t even gotta mustache to shape up (no shots). Nucc is the truth. just gotta kick outta that one.

  11. slim Says:

    this dude sucks badly. bubble head is the worst out of jerz so far. including praz!

  12. R.I.P Joe Budden Says:

    Okay…. 2 can play at this game…… He likes to battle with raps.. I like to battle wit my hands…..He baited me into a battle and I accepted it and destroyed him …Now I baited him into a boxing match… Lets see if he accepts the challenge like I did…Wow its beautiful how the mind works….Oh, and he bought the kids into this….THIS is how U disrespect someone…..Part 2 coming soon featuring Gloria Velez, its called…. ‘I Wanna Make MO LOVE’…..hahaha Battle rapping is more fun than I thought… Oh yeah… Free Prodigy hahahahaha

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