PICS: Jadakiss “Letter To Big” Video Shoot


OnSMASH has a bunch of shots from Kiss’ video shoot for “Letter To Big”.


Groovy still the best with the garments, he keep me the flyest


Go here to check out the rest.

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17 Responses to “PICS: Jadakiss “Letter To Big” Video Shoot”

  1. Eastern_Digital Says:

    that first pic look like he re-doin the if i could turn … video from Kells (no pedo)


    Furiou$tylez is Aggressive Content Says:

    January 17th, 2009 at 1:14 pm

    January 17th, 2009 at 1:12 pm
    BITCH, applaud StickyFingaz on the beast w/ patrick swayze… damn good show too.

    sticky fingaz is on that? damn he stays getting tv work…

    they film that shit in chicago fyi…

    LOL, Sticky on his hustle… fake ass cop.

  3. Eastern_Digital Says:

    and why the fuck isnt he wearin a coogi sweater?

  4. Furiou$tylez is Aggressive Content Says:

    i dont dig this song at all…

    jada doesnt care bout rapping over bad beats…

    but i do.

  5. D. Billz Says:

    I see Groovy Lou still doin’ his thing.

  6. eskay Says:

    at this chick’s house bagging up, Groovy Style’d out, the Kool-Aid too sweet and the phone don’t dial out.

  7. embark Says:

    Vashtie’s fly ass self blowing up like the goodyear blimp. Homegirl directing everything these days.

  8. D. Billz Says:

    LOL @ this gay ninja on WSHH sayin’ that Souljah Boy copped him a dog and a Gucci bag.

  9. Iceberg Slimm Says:

    *Walks back into the nah after months of absence*

    Jadakiss dressed like Professor Dumbledorf in the first pic

  10. D. Billz Says:

    Maino is probably tight. Gravy is probably gonna make more off this movie then Maino will ever make off the rest of his already forgettable rap career.

  11. Peoples Says:

    the video is gonna be fiya….Jadakiss still dont get the respect he derserve

  12. Belize Says:

    new big jonz >>>>>

  13. Froggy B Says:

    Dear Christopher “Frank White” Wallace. Jada you know it. Biggie was the King, not just of New York b]ut of every joint, especially up here in Crooklyn. We are all going tonight, me and all my boys. You know I saw them selling this Bootleg out of the street? Fuck it, I’m not taking the seeds outta the little Biggie’s beaks.
    See ya!

  14. goonzzz Says:

    this nigga lookin like the black professor xavier off xmen in the first pic LOL

  15. crooklyn Says:

    this movie was AMAZING!! y’all gotta see it and not some cheap street bootleg…support biggies fam yo

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