Audio: Curtis on Shade 45’s G-Unit Radio


On his way back from seeing Ballerina P in Upstate N.Y., Curtis calls in to speak on some subjects. It is exactly what you would expect, but to be fair you can find a rundown of the 26 minute rant after the jump.

Audio: Curtis on Shade 45’s G-Unit Radio

– Calls 808s a love and R&B record, says it was supposed to brick.
– Says if he can’t sing a chorus, Kanye shouldn’t sing an album.
– Lil Wayne is supposed to say sorry for the diss even though it’s old.
– The song with the Child Molester was made 2 years ago, for Detox.
Fat Joe’s album release was used to advance ThisIsCurtis.

To be honest with you, that reality TV show was nothing but a commercial for my album.

Calls Kanye a faggot, Lil Wayne a junkie
– Think Wayne might exhaust the public at this rate.
– Compares Lil Wayne’s talent to Canibus’ in a LL Cool J type scenario.
– Keeps talking theoretical war strategies with Lil Wayne
– Refers to hip hop as an art form as much as he can (c) Jay-Z:

she’ll [Oprah] have somebody who sucked everybody’s dick [Supahead] in the art form, except the actual art form

– Mixed version of “I Get It In” will only come on Monday
– Claims that the record leaked even though he gave it to Flex
– He’s gonna get Dre and Em to come out to his L.A. & Detroit shows.
– “I’m a blogger now.”
– Then finishes by taking credit for everything under the sun.

What Curtis says on the radio should always be taken with a grain of salt. He’s basically taking advantage of the fact that fans look at Kanye in a slightly different way and that he has an open window to diss Lil Wayne. Didn’t he promise to retire after Ye slayed him?

Props to Bang ‘Em Splash

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117 Responses to “Audio: Curtis on Shade 45’s G-Unit Radio”

  1. MisUnderStood Says:

    Eskay is the blogger 50 talks about…he types real hard. Harder than the dildo in his ass. LOL

  2. Antwan Wavison Says:


    Break down all 50 interviews like this from now on, I can’t stand listening to Ferrari F-50 but he stay throwing out some good clips…sounds like he’s as arrogant as ever here.


    damn eskay i usually dont say anything but get off this niggas dick..SHIT

    did fifty fuck ur girl or something??? this nigga doesnt even know ur alive and u devote so much time to him

  4. 4Reel Says:

    Do people still care about this guy like really? 1st he diss Ja Rule and that was personal whatever, then he diss Fat Joe, Jadakiss, and NaS for haging with Ja Rule that was wack, then he beefing with The Game cause he didn’t want to diss the aforementioned, the Z-Ro Diss him and he act like he don’t hear it,the he throw out Young Buck release that tape which was a bitch move but whatever then he disses all southern rappers for no reason, then he disses Lil Wayne and then he tells Lil Wayne to apologize after he disses him back? Like seriously this shit not old to y’all? and you know Lil Wayne is just going to say fuck it and keep rolling and ignore the guy

  5. Mag Says:

    Eskay told me 50’s a mother F*****

    That explains a lot…SMH

  6. moneyray Says:

    Eskay Hates 50 with a passion…

  7. Rick Chyme Says:

    Ballerina P!! Hahahahahaha

  8. gouchos Says:

    >>>>>>>>>>if hip hop is dead then wtf are Blu, Pac Diva, Cool Kids, Tanya Morgan, Jay Electronica, Wale, B.O.B., Shaun Boothe, Asher Roth, Donnie Goines, Skyzoo, Torae, Kid Cudi, and Me doing???? IM JUS SAYIN!? <<<<<<<<

    NIgga AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Nobody like’s these niggaz… but internet people. Like the reality of the situation is that there are two world’s of hip the internet world and the actual world. If I go outside and ask niggas who Max B. is then they’ll say “Owwwwwwwwwwww” If I ask niggas who Wale is… they drawing a blank. Them niggas are a product of hype cause they cool with the blogger’s. That shit is fabricated nonsense. Not to say nigga’s aint talented cause some of them are but… they’re just getting exposure online. You can’t say that they’re shine was deserved Kid Cudi first mixtape got ton’s of press. NOBODY even knew who the fuck he was like that yet. IT WAS DOPE. But it’s not like he created a movement. Like a 50 Cent from the bottom up, nigga had these blog’s and shit pulling for him.

    I’m not taking away from Cudi, but i’m just saying these niggas are products of hype and friendly favor’s niggas aint the future of Hip Hop. The street’s aint trying to hear that shit. I know the street’s like alot of wack shit. But it still matter’s to be hot in the hood in some form or fashion. Nigga’s trying to bypass what stamp’s an artist. Cause they bitches, internet hype does not equate to being the future of shit.

    Go to Grady High School, Go to Boys and Girls HS, Go to Brownsville, Go to Albany Project’s niggas aint talking about no MUTHAFUCKIN TORAE! ! ! ! !

    It just seem’s like niggas try to pretend like being hot in the hood don’t matter but at the end of the day people look at most of them niggas as fake Lupe/Kanye niggas.

    The future of Hip Hop is Max B., Fabolous, Joe Budden, Jim Jones even…. not because they’re super dope. But because they seem to have a buzz online and offline. People talk about them and are excitied about them in both medium’s.
    Atleast in NY i hear there name’s and people are into what they;’re doing. NOt bcuz eskay or nation posted it. Because the hype is warranted.

    I’m not hating i’m just giving my opinion.

  9. spirit equality Says:

    50’s new album is *not* going to do Carter 3 numbers.

    And Lil Wayne is treating dude like he doesn’t exist.

    Kanye too.

    It’s clearly burning him up inside.

    LOL @ saying Kanye was not supposed to sell.

    But he did.

    Now what?

    50’s last single was “cold as ice”, as he likes to say.

    Get Up….fell off.

    I Get It In is much better, but he’s got three weeks till he drops, supposedly on february 3rd

    three weeks to set up an international artist?

    wtf are they doing at interscope?

    it will be his worst first week ever, mark my words.

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  11. TR3CK1E Says:

    man 50 a bitch y u gotta start beef wid lil wayne and kanye ? personally i think weezy wud kill 50 on a track alone but startin beef wid both weezy and kanye is fuckin suicide jus giv up the rap game altogether 50 your tunes are whack no-one likes you all your members of g-unit left cuz u a bitch give it up peace out

  12. jack Says:

    yooooooo….this dude needs to shut the fuck up…the only time he decides to run his mouth is when his album is about to drop. his reality show sucked cock and now he says its a commercial…isnt this bitch supposed to be retired…wayne’s album practicaly tripled fiftys shity as curtis album and he didnt have to run his mouth for shit..he had no reality show nothing!….one week platinum bitch….go jump on em’s cock u punk bitch oh and dnt diss miami u fagget…good night america…over and out bitch.

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  14. Zakry Says:

    I’m officially old. I don’t understand what 50 or any of these posters are talking about.

  15. GreeneBol Says:

    50 is so bitter. He’s right, but he’s madd bitter.

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  17. D Says:

    50 is some shit. Period. His time has come and gone.

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