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Video: Bishop Lamont Disses The Game

Bishop speaks to DJ Whoo Kid for an interview for ThisIsCurtis, so it was sorta expected. He says game got beat up and robbed in Amsterdam. Might be surprising for people who are keeping track of Game’s record for cleaning clocks.

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21 Responses to “Video: Bishop Lamont Disses The Game”

  1. Eastern_Digital Says:

    who cares?

  2. Prada Main Says:

    Blu reminds me of Native tongues even though I was mad young. Like them niggas Arrested Development or the COOL LIKE THAT NIGGAS, He has a jazzy sensibility but stays dope and doesnt veer off into straight faggot territory


    I B’s to rap with key be to lock

  3. Prada Main Says:

    Bishop The Confessional = top10 mixtape last year

    SWEAR TO GOD!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lee Says:

    Bishop Lamont can suck a dick niggas a fucking nobody. just like spider loc and 40 glocc and all those other no name niggas. I truly dont understand how stupid ass niggas like them get into the industry???? Thats why i like all the new rappers coming out like cool kids charles hamilton mickey factz and all them.

  5. Asher Roth Says:


    The fuck, bro! I stop terrorists and my mixtape is dope! What more can I say, I’m killin it

  6. Lee Says:

    lol no u didnt u even said you wasnt on the same plane… but your good too

  7. ant rogers Says:

    yeah man lamont goes in lol

  8. KC23 Says:

    Yo Bishop makes some ight music but he was talking all this unity and all that and now he stay dissing people…I will continue to follow his music but I have lost all respect for dude. I guess that unity stuff wasnt helping his buzz so now he is dissing to get his buzz up now. Also Dr. Dre is stupid for kicking Game off and im not even getting into that cause I could write all day bout that but Bishop you are a clown

  9. spirit equality Says:

    lee, maybe you didn’t notice but loads of rappers came into the game dissing people: krs-one, 50, salt-n-pepa, roxanne shante, the real roxanne…if you have a problem with relatively unknown rappers dissing more famous ones, you might be listening to the wrong genre of music.

  10. spirit equality Says:

    not to mention that game dissed bishop first, if memory serves.

    what’s he supposed to do, wait till he’s famous to respond?

  11. KC23 Says:

    Ok but its not even rap beef with them Bishop is not dissing him on wax it’s not a competetion thing. He just talking and running his mouth I do agree with what you saying but if thats how he feel then get on wax. Game dissed him on that 100 bars and then bishop spoke on it on the Klansman but he wasnt talking reckless then so why now…50 or Dre or somebody put the battery in his back

  12. spirit equality Says:

    and eskay, who’s clock has game cleaned? he claimed he broke ras kass’ jaw, but that was a lie. when ras kass showed up on camera and his jaw wasn’t broken but with a black eye, game changed his story to say he hit him in the eye. i don’t believe anything that dude said. some rent a blood probably punched ras kass. the only clock game is cleaning is the face on his alarm clock.

  13. The Watcher Says:

    Either way it goes Bishop is garbage and hes a nobody. He get no type of shine…how come you wasnt on the XXL Freshman of 09!!! How come nobody talks about you. I gurantee if he even drops which I doubt but if he do drop I gurantee he flop cause he wack and a Dre track wont even save him

  14. Lee Says:

    I dont have problems with people going at each other? but bishop really can’t even say shit to the game? games already dropped 3 albulms countless mixtapes etc,etc

  15. The player Says:

    These niggers are so fuckin’ dumb! Niggers get killed by cops, the economy is going crazy and those stupid ass keep on talking bullshit.
    Keep it real Bishop, Keep it real Whoo kid…
    Yeah keep it real dumb!

    I’m out

  16. Lee Says:

    Thank you!
    like u cant rap about the same shit anymore get sum fucking concepts style and metaphors and MOST IMPORTANT DO SUMTHING NEW!!!
    thats why people like wayne he can spit sum crazy DR CARTER, Alien Shit yet he still talks about gangbangin and other shit like that so he pretty much appeals to everyone.

  17. spirit equality Says:


    i know this video isn’t a good introduction to bishop, but check out the caltroit mixtape…bishop is a decent rapper. yeah, dissing game probably is a bad look PR wise, but game dissed him first…he probably should just keep it lyrical or maybe he should just ignore Game and keep it moving.

    seriously, everyone should check out bishop’s caltroit mixtape with black milk from detroit (whose beats are awesome, by the way)

  18. moneyray Says:

    game was on change of heart with blond hair..he lost

    and i have also noticed majority of people on this site are highly in support of rappers that do or have done publicly gay things..


    shit just makes me sad that these are the representations for hip hop.

  19. Mr.White Says:

    “shit just makes me sad that these are the representations for hip hop.”

    I feel you, but they are just a representation of a certain period (now)

    Believe me people will get tired of this autotune, ringtone, … stuff.

    Soon lyricism will get the upper hand back !

    Game, Wayne and Kanye are talented dudes though.

  20. tee Says:

    smh @ bishop talking greezy.

    Even though Game name drops, Game could ether this ninja in 100 bars. This guy will get dropped off Aftermath soon enough. When’s his album even coming out?

    Stat Quo > Bishop Lamont.. and he didn’t even get an album put out. You can’t market Bishop Lamont …

  21. The Last Sane Man Says:

    And again, Game gets away with behaving like a female. People here are saying that Bishop shouldn’t have spoken up, but if Game said something about you by name in the next 5 minutes your sorry ass would be on youtube making threats. Don’t act like you wouldn’t.

    The Game does suspect things every 2 months! Look at the Ras Kass situation. Game approached him about the Caution freestyle, claiming that Ras mentioned his son BY NAME. I’ve heard that song a zillion times and Ras never mentions a name other than when he bigs up 2pac. Game then goes on to assault him. Well, actually they say his entourage assaulted him. Either way, whether it was Game or not, it wasn’t manly. It’s just another damn bullshit publicity stunt. Game got a pass because he’s known. No one cares that Ras ethered him on “Gayme Over”.

    And now Game is in Spain getting his audience to chant “Fuck Jay-Z” If he had done that in the states, he might have gotten run out of town depending on where he was. Especially with all the jaw-jacking he did about Beyonce. I guess Game retracts what he said about not taking shots at legends….

    Also, since when is it acceptible to act like a bipolar stalker? Seriously, does no one notice the way he plays Gollum like Dre’s nuts are the ring? Maybe it’s ok to do that now, what with the “No Homo” clause and all that.

    My point is simple. Fuck the Game. He’s a non-rapping ass homo thug noob drama queen whose career survives due to the miracle of stupid fans.

    Inb4 TL;DR, haters!

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