Lil Wayne feat. Pharrell Williams – Yes


Minus Benny Blanco up there. Like my boy Legend said, The Clipse would eat Wayne’s steak frites over this shit.

Lil Wayne feat. Pharrell Williams – Yes

Weezy F. Baby, and the F is for phenomenal! – LOL

A New Music Cartel Exclusive, for the listeners. We don’t like to dabble in politricks too much but Splash has been on a rampage today, and he told me no one else has this song yet. He also wants you to know that if you parade around with this without paying homage he will take your girl and all she’ll say is the name of this song. If you’re down, we already know you’re down, so don’t make the necessary occur. That is all, happy Friday.

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47 Responses to “Lil Wayne feat. Pharrell Williams – Yes”

  1. Prada Main Says:

    Blu reminds me of Native tongues even though I was mad young. Like them niggas Arrested Development or the COOL LIKE THAT NIGGAS, He has a jazzy sensibility but stays dope and doesnt veer off into straight faggot territory


    I B’s to rap with key be to lock

  2. KiLLer Q-Kumber Says:


  3. Legend Says:


  4. CiCi The Intern Says:

    Hey Yo, Fux…I didn’t know you fucked with Wayne and P..

  5. Prada Main Says:

    CiCi The Intern Says:

    January 9th, 2009 at 7:22 pm
    Hey Yo, Fux…I didn’t know you fucked with Wayne and P..

    ^^^^ What you mean? I fuck with all music. GUCCI MANE IN PARTICULAR

    Let me set the record straight/hater you participate(c)Gucci

    This is my Amigo/ he is half Colombian/ I Gucci am a Negro(c)GUCCI

  6. chri$ Says:

    this shit is hot…i like when lil wayne raps instead of singing!

  7. NotU Says:

    Nothing better then some new f**king Jada for the weekend….and pharrell is reaching (none)

  8. stoner Says:

    shit is fire 5 stars right there

  9. NotU Says:

    Y’all promoting NMC like a rap album…lol…keep up the work tho

  10. Parodi Says:

    This BANGS.

  11. GrahamCEO Says:

    NMC cannot be fucked with no lie. Anybody ever tried to take that throne from you they are stupid. There’s some groups where you just CAN’T beat them, so you can only hope to join them.

    I’m not going to sit here and say I haven’t linked to an NMC track, but isn’t that better than copping your shit, uploading it myself and claiming mine?

    As long as props are given where props are due, and not once have I hesitated to mention to anyone:
    NMC blogs >>>> _________.

    Oh shit, I almost forgot to mention that the New Music Cartel is >>>>> you

  12. Lee Says:

    ughh its pretty tight but still…. im tired of the auto tone… good to see pharrell and wayne killing it again

  13. NotU Says:

    Sounds like that neptunes shit I like….where is this song from?

  14. blaze22 Says:

    Wayne raps on this??


    Good fucking shit.

  15. Troyvul Says:

    Weezy sounds nice over this beat, but eskay is Correct Pusha would have a field day with this

  16. blaze22 Says:

    but eskay is Correct Pusha would have a field day with this

    That would be nation. Eskay doesn’t post 15 times an hour.

  17. NotU Says:

    blaze22 Says:

    January 9th, 2009 at 7:48 pm
    but eskay is Correct Pusha would have a field day with this

    That would be nation. Eskay doesn’t post 15 times an hour.

    Oh shit….*dies*

  18. Darth Cipher Says:

    probably a beat Clipse passed on haha… would of loved to hear Clipse on it though… some stunting/fucking your bitch music right here…

    and i would like Bishop Lamont alot more if he stopped tryign to spark a huge thing with game and just spit rhymes, cause he got skills, but tyhis whole baby girl shit got lame the first day he started with it… cause currently

    The Game > Bishop Lamont… must hurt Bishop’s pride to know the truth

  19. rex hussla Says:

    KiLLer Q-Kumber Says:

    January 9th, 2009 at 7:17 pm


  20. Spitzer 4 President Says:

    Daps blaze

    Blu is dope by the way

  21. blaze22 Says:

    Smoke make it look like I got tinted windows….

    If C3 had 16 of these songs on it I would have bought it.

  22. Legend Says:

    The Clipse on this beat >>>>>

  23. Darth Cipher Says:

    Lil Wayne needs Pharrell beats like this from now on… knowing the nigga fucks with clipse must make him step his game up and sound like he’s got those skills he claims to have

  24. No_neva-eva Says:

    Pharrell on the beat machine > Pharell opening his yap

    This should would be the best Wayne shit since deathwish if Pharell wasn’t trying on the a millie flow in the first verse and just generally wasting space on that beat.

  25. No_neva-eva Says:

    *downloads anyway on the strength of dwayne & that beat*

  26. Legend Says:

    >> & that beat*

    ^^we needs the instrumental

  27. Lee Says:

    Yo youtube SWAG by Kardinal Official Lil Wayne AND PUSHA T tell me whos better then… ( also kardinal starts the song off but u probly should just skip him )

  28. Lee Says:

    Wayne> Pusha T

  29. Lee Says:

    Cory Gunz – Lil Wayne


    “The world may never know”

  30. eskay Says:

    >>Eskay doesn’t post 15 times an hour.

    ^not entirely true

  31. Cheezy Says:

    “Smoke make it look like I got tinted windows….

    If C3 had 16 of these songs on it I would have bought it.”

    I got that ignorant shit you like – Jay-z

  32. Legend Says:

    >> Wayne> Pusha T

    ^you’re almost as right as Weezy’s spelling (ie. Weezy F. Baby, and the F is for phenomenal!)

  33. hozak Says:

    Weezy F. Baby, and the F is for phenomenal! – LOL

    lol :)

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  35. lea Says:

    Does Pharrell sound almost better than Wayne due to Pusha T writing his verse?

  36. Aaron Says:

    Pusha didn’t write pharrells verse… Pharrell can write, he’s already done 500+ songs for other artists (including writing for pusha) so why would he need help?

  37. HAHAHAHAHA Says:

    didnt wayne say fuck bape??

  38. whahesaid Says:

    # Lee Says:
    January 9th, 2009 at 8:36 pm

    Wayne> Pusha T


    shit >>>>> you

  39. biz Says:

    Wayne> Pusha T


    shit >>>>> you

    *p stan*[||]

  40. J. Caesar Says:

    lee your crazy first your saying cory is betta than jada, now you saying wayne is betta than pusha smh, watever to each his own…

  41. Jesse Janson Says:

    “The F is for phenomenal” – Wayne

    Come on now, I think he really believes it’s spelled with an F.

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  43. AJ Says:

    Hey I just spent the time writing down all the words to this song Yes check them out at

  44. WORD Says:

    what album or whatever did this come out on and what are more of lil waynes new stuff?

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