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Gucci Mane – That’s The Type Of Chick That I Like


For the record, I had that pic lined up regardless. This just makes things ever better.

Gucci Mane – That’s The Type Of Chick That I Like

Bonus: Gucci Mane feat. Frenchie – 26’s On My Vehicle

Props to Mr. Xclusives.

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24 Responses to “Gucci Mane – That’s The Type Of Chick That I Like”

  1. D. Says:

    girl on the right wins a pearl necklace…

  2. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Chick on the left wins a roman helmet

  3. the real truth Says:

    like the paws on shorty #3….id smash tha 2 on the left and get some domagge from the one on the left

  4. blaze22 Says:

    That Scarface video better win some awards. That Psychiatrist was bangin

  5. digital scales Says:

    All 3 of them hoes can get the goon stick

  6. blaze22 Says:

    That “When blogging goes wrong” shit is hilarious.

  7. ant Says:

    they tearen Oakland up tonight it’s not like la but it will get worse

  8. A tribe called quest Says:

    i never thought id see the day where a cop shoots an unarmed, handcuffed, subdued man in a public area, in front of numerous pairs of eyes

  9. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Can’t believe Alumnah just fell off the map. Fuckin slack muppets.

  10. Fresh2Death Says:

    Ain’t those chicks them Flavor Of Love girls…I’m sure thats Buckeey (FOL 1) on the left and Black (FOL 3) on the far right….And yes they are worthy of the “daggering”

  11. Drucifer Says:

    goocHIE MAYNE >>>>>>>>>>>>> your favorite rappers favorite rapper

  12. wrob4343 Says:

    that chick on the right went to school with me… her life goal is to be a video ho… no lie

  13. Parodi Says:


  14. tblanx Says:

    that chain is asinine and so are gucci manes grade school lyrics.

  15. 123 Says:

    Nicki Minaj would get it. As for Gucci Mane, he’s trash.

  16. Left Coast muney Says:

    that new gucci bangs too. and them hoes is bad, wowser. nikki minaj got the fattest munky in the world.

  17. Left Coast muney Says:

    that nigga gucci said he is raps bam bam bigalow. classic. 26’s on the vehicle

  18. J. Caesar Says:

    *bumps gucci mane’s thats all* shortys are looking good, all of them could get it

  19. skinz Says:

    chick on the left gets boned in the last cocaine city.

  20. #1nickiminajfan Says:

    the one on the left is buckey from flavor of love the one on guccis right is nicki minaj and the one on the far right is black from flavor of love season 3

  21. daquan804 Says:

    they look like average females too me,nothing special only good to have sex with or catch top.

  22. YANA Says:

    to nikki- make up works wonders “BARBIE” LOL

  23. DanaJ. Says:

    nicki minaj looks cute in this picture.

  24. DanaJ. Says:

    nicki minaj looks nice but kinda different without a bang. gucci mane still got big crusty lips, but he’s rich so he look nice lol. lil wayne girlfriend looks nice and so dose the other young money female in the image……….

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