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Video: YZ Interview w/ True Hip-Hop Stories

D-Nice says:

This is one of my original True Hip-Hop Stories. In this edition, 80’s rapper YZ discusses the making of his hit recording “Thinking Of a Master Plan.” He also talked about life after rap.

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7 Responses to “Video: YZ Interview w/ True Hip-Hop Stories”

  1. The Most MisUnderstood Man Says:

    D-Nice is the man. We need more interviews like this.

  2. TheCulture Says:

    I appreciate you posting this video of YZ… he was a very solid rapper. I bought his joints when they came out.. always wondered what happened to him. Great voice.. delivery.. subject matter.. this is my first post ever!! thanks vimeo for going out and finding YZ

  3. upscale71 Says:

    LOVE D-NICE’S TRUE HIP HOP STORIES! All young cats need to peep this series and then go back and listen to the artists profiled. Loving it, D-Nice should do Redman or 3XDope next. Cant wait for next profile. Special ED, Lyte, Heather B…. I could go on!

  4. Jersey*made*me Says:

    YZ whaddup!! Yo I played in a benefit basketball game in the Bricks at ECC with this cat and fam is mad cool.He had 8-Off with him,who now goes by Agallah,another trill as dude.I would do 1 trillion back flips to bring back the versatility,diversity, and personalities of the late 80’s and early 90’s. I’m so tired of these internet beefing,fake ass blood niggas.Damn they mangled hip hop,them being the Jews in charge of the paper.

    I like this series,keep these popping.

  5. Invictus1906 Says:

    Check YZ’s “Return of the Holy One” if you can find it. Dope ish from the 80s!

  6. Mr.Londoner Says:

    d-nice stays wining..

  7. dan large Says:

    Great video – more on YZ here:

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