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Video: Kanye West – Heartless (Uncut Edition)

Not really, but kinda.

This footage is actually from a rump shaking contest at the Kappa Beach Fest in Texas back in ’05 that Yeezy was jdgng with Scarface and Lil Flipper.

Props to Xilla

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15 Responses to “Video: Kanye West – Heartless (Uncut Edition)”

  1. nirun Says:

    lol some silly irony

  2. sleep Says:

    Say hello to the good guy.

  3. cliff Says:

    eskay my homegirl wants you to check out her fam’s shit.


  4. nirun Says:

    to be honest I never though young chris would emerge from the state prop cocoon

  5. old.sole Says:

    ye’ wuz actually @ da kappa?…that shit get lamer by the year

  6. sleep Says:

    Did young chris emerge yet or he’s just getting a couple post on blogs?

  7. sleep Says:

    Neef seems lazy

  8. M.Tyson Says:

    LMAO http://2dopeboyz.com/2009/01/05/random-acts-of-fuckery-mixtape-covers-edition/#comment-62475

  9. Rockabye Says:

    Nice as Bun B when I met him at the Source Awards
    Girl he had wit’ him ass coulda won the Horse Awards



  10. spirit equality Says:

    what’s up with the borderline racist youtube clip title though?

    ghetto booty?


    whoever wrote that was a cornball.

  11. the college dropout. Says:

    oh god that wasnt racist at all. ^^^

    and lmfao at kanyeezy.

  12. bkJUICE Says:

    kanye: this is proof i am not gay!

    *fat dude next to him in the vid points at ye’s phone*

    fat dude: this nigga takin pics of these ho’s shoes!

    kanye:………..im into women’s feet fam.

  13. E.J. Says:

    If the face aint sexy then the booty isnt worth it.

  14. sleep Says:

    Pretty face with flat ass(rihanna)»»»ugly face with fat ass(serena williams)

  15. that guy Says:

    now if it were a penis contest, kanye would jump for joy

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