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Sha Stimuli – The Break-Up (Mixtape)


Click the cover.

The Break-Up is the last installment of Sha Stimuli’s 12 mixtapes in 12 months, with the final one speaking about a troubled relationship. This one features T-Pain, Anthony Hamilton, J.Cardim and more.

Hit the jump for track list & download links.

01. Everybody Else (feat. T-Pain)
02. In Between (Produced By Wyldfyer)
03. Up And Down 2 (Produced by Bah)
04. Die For U (Produced by Sean C)
05. Where Did It Go Wrong? (feat. Anthony Hamilton)
06. Be Alright (Produced by J. Cardim)
07. Much More (feat. Ya Hyness) (Produced by J. Cardim)
08. I Can’t Leave Him Alone (feat. Jane´t) (Produced by EZ Elpee)
09. My Baby!?! (The Plot Thickens)
10. No! (feat. Ya Hyness) (Produced by Cookin´ Soul)
11. Be With You (Produced by J. Cardim)
12. Fall In Love (Produced by Big Zik)
13. So Sorry (feat. DJ Victorious) (Produced by Jim Bond)
14. Feel So Bad (Produced by DJ Victorious)
15. LoveStoned (feat. Justin Timberlake)
16. Our Love (Produced By V-ladian Productions)

Download: DJ Victorious Presents Sha Stimuli – The Break-Up (Mixtape) | Mediafire

Props to OnSMASH.

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22 Responses to “Sha Stimuli – The Break-Up (Mixtape)”

  1. Johnny Cadelco Says:

    Stimuli just give up on rapping… YOu suck :)… Well actually let me rephrase go underground

  2. Heinsain SwaggeR Says:

    i’d download it offa the strength of the cover…

  3. Wenzel Dashington Says:

    I downloaded for the cover too. Garbage. He was trying to sound like Com. I did not come off like Com. It was just terrible. In the immortal words of Billy, “Nobody digs your music but yourself!”

  4. BEZ Says:

    Eskay, I think the comments above would prefer you post the latest Soulja Boy mixtape.


  5. kidcapo Says:

    Sha is a beast…and with J.Cardim beats, duke is on point with this tape.

  6. Legend Says:

    >> Stimuli just give up on rapping… YOu suck :) … Well actually let me rephrase go underground

    bathe in acid

  7. Wenzel Dashington Says:

    This dude is making music about tricking for females. The delivery is garbbled. The beats? C’mon son? Justin Timberlake’s album from 2 years ago and Superstar by the Carpenters? C’mon son. A beast? lol. I wish it was Soulja Boy’s production…ha ha ha

  8. BEZ Says:

    Constructive criticism I could see……but subtractive opinions are the new form of affection.

    Just out of curiosity, who is better on the mic than Sha? (fellow peers, 2003-present)

  9. Wenzel Dashington Says:

    The west will have a good year in 09. Check for that Strong Arm Steady.

  10. BEZ Says:

    OK. Just wanted know what’s exciting the taste buds. I figured if Sha ain’t ya cup of tea, ya gotta have an ear for something decent.

  11. Johnny Cadelco Says:

    BEZ.. this dude is trash.. He just sounds straight corny.. And no don’t post any soulja boy shit either cuz he is also trash.. Here’s what u can post though:


    Don’t post:
    Sha Corny Stimuli, Soulja, AC, and these other wack dudes lool :)

  12. Johnny Cadelco Says:

    Oh by the way.. Nice cover :)

  13. Wenzel Dashington Says:

    never judge an MC by the cover

  14. Mic Lowrey Says:

    Sha is alright, as far as seeing him rock, I saw him years ago when he signed to the ROC had the chain and all, I think, don’t really remember, but it was a showcase, Jimmy Henchmen was there, and dude from XXL (I think I got them on their net game with my questions about their web presence) either way, dude had the charisma thing going, he had swag before it became household, and he was not corny, he didn’t say anything memorable; but he was not trash, i will take a listen and as long as it is okay, I will play, by the way the best CD for 2008 was Young Chris, Now or Never hosted by the League Crew, it was better than most things Def Jam put out, the should of threw it out there, jams with R.Kelly, Dream, Ma$e, and the State Prop crew, throw a good Jigga bouncy joint to a Swizz beat and he could have went hard on em, check him out http://www.youngcblog.com the songs he did videos to, where better than a lot of stuff

  15. Mixtape Wall Says:

    I’m really feeling the cover art… it isn’t your typical mixtape artwork.

  16. tysonz Says:

    WOw at the cover, normally I dont even comment but that shit looks beautiful. SO wavy oww ow wow chrissy luvs max, she touched it in miami.

  17. DJ V Says:


  18. Deejay OM Says:

    For a soulful break up mix…peep this:


  19. bf3ars Says:

    the cover is fire…so is the mixtape…he actually put some thought into the cover….the mixtape is 4/5

  20. HEART Says:

    Cover is not that original… Its a play off the movie The Break up with Vince Vaughn…

  21. bf3ars Says:

    I know that…but in this day and age most artists just photoshop material things on it and call it a cover….

  22. Jordan Says:

    You are all nuts…sha is the one of the best rappers around…check out his mixtape the rehab and then let’s see if ya’ll can hate with a straight face

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