DJ Haze feat. Young Buck & The Game – Hate On Me


Game dumbed down his lyrics to triple his dollars. Off the upcoming DJ Haze album. It doesn’t sound like Game but try to have a sense of humor.

DJ Haze feat. Young Buck & The Game – Hate On Me

Rap like a bamma, sound like porkchops

Props to Shake.

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9 Responses to “DJ Haze feat. Young Buck & The Game – Hate On Me”

  1. IrelandRepresent Says:

    I got to do it!! 1st

  2. DivineMind Says:

    Rap like a bamma sound like porkchops
    Rap like you from Harlem sound like Ron Brownz

    Game sounds like Too Short on this

  3. k-rob Says:

    hot garbage from guys who suppose to be so nice, yall need to go back to g-unit

  4. jfoxgotraps Says:

    they should call themselves the rejects

  5. Los Says:

    gunit rejects

  6. cheah Says:

    this is nice

  7. MisUnderStood Says:


  8. Rugger REL Says:

    lmaoooo im so sick and tired of “i got haters” RAP like blah blah blah blah blah stfu jus weak shit and game wanna mimic too $hort u from compton not tha bay man this is sad cuz in 05 they albums were that shit now they aint shit =( hip hop aint dead gangsta rap is over listen 2 wale mickey factz and lupe

  9. GrahamCEO Says:

    The G-UNots is what I’ve called them….

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