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Video: Juelz Santana’s Car Collection

All rentals.

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9 Responses to “Video: Juelz Santana’s Car Collection”

  1. A tribe called quest Says:

    …And the Next Mc Hammer Is….


    all rentals? nigga u crazy hes had the all white bentley the corvette and the RR for like 3 years now he was showin those off on old hood dvd ‘s like cocaine city…STOP HATING


    but he is fronting though those are not 2008

  4. Why Says:

    Why is Vlad’s footage always so damn blurry/fuzzy

  5. okun Says:

    i’ll tell you what though, that money aint comin from music

  6. scionnole Says:

    nice collection..I only hope they’re all garaged.

  7. E-DUBBS Says:

    i see that phantom every time i drive by his studio.

  8. lea Says:

    Not rented, hes been flaunting those for a couple years now. Cant vouch them being 08 tho! the ish that kills me is how the Goonz are so excited for what he has, and they have nothing except for maybe privileges to whip it from time to time! LOL! I love rappers and their entourages! Some rappers take care of the entourage, and some just let them marvel at what they have!

  9. irfan Says:

    nice buddy…… it’s an excellent collection of latest cars and i have got many of the my favourite cars wallpapers from ur site but as u know there is always room for the betterment as no body is cent percent perfect”

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