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Full: Freeway Presents The Month of Madness


Meant to post this in 2008. All praises due to OnSMASH for compiling these 32 tracks.

Hit the jump for the tracklist + download link.

01. Month Of Madness (Produced by Phoenotes)
02. Everlast (Produced by Blunt)
03. Count On Free (Produced by Jake One)
04. Look Around (Produced by Tryfe)
05. Gonna Get Mines (Produced by Blunt)
06. I’m Great (Produced by Tryfe)
07. MindState Takeover (Produced by Cardiak)
08. Blauh (Produced by Jake One)
09. Together (Produced by Dilemma)
10. Tell You Something (Produced by Erick Sermon)
11. Movin’ Out (Produced by Phoenotes)
12. Straight Madness (Produced by Cardiak)
13. I Can Deal With It (Produced by Blunt)
14. Really Rough Out Here (Produced by Blunt)
15. Street Music (Produced by Blunt)
16. Start Wildin’ (Produced by Erick Sermon)
17. Doing Anthing (Produced by Dominic McFadden)
18. Get It Started (Produced by The Alchemist)
19. Rap Spitters (Produced by Don Cannon)
20. Diesel (Produced by Needlz)
21. Long Money (Produced by Sapp)
22. Do It To Death (Produced by Tryfe)
23. There You Go (Produced by Don Cannon)
24. For The Better (feat. Neesh) (Produced by Blunt)
25. As I Ever Been (feat. Hezekiah) (Produced by Oddisee)
26. When I Die (feat. James Blunt) (Produced by Oddz-N-Endz)
27. I Wanna Be Free (Produced by Blunt)
28. NP Finest (Produced by Cardiak)
29. Bank Rollz (Produced by Don Cannon)
30. Back For More (Produced by Cardiak)
31. Don’t Tell Me It’s Over (Produced by Blunt)
32. So Cold (feat. Klass) (Produced by Oddz-N-Endz) (Bonus)

Download: Freeway – Month of Madness (Mixtape)

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5 Responses to “Full: Freeway Presents The Month of Madness”

  1. Bill Hu$tle Says:

    Yo i just realized, i never knew Pam from Martin had a fatty like that!

  2. rrahha Says:

    good looking…

  3. F Says:

    Mixtape of the year, already!

  4. Blaze A Philly Says:

    I had 4gotten bout Free but dis is a complete mixtape that aint a commercial rap. This is HOOOOOODDDDD certainly 1 or the best mixtapes of 2009.

  5. Phanyxx Says:

    I’ve gotta say, for a track a day, Free killed that shizz… I’m completely won over..

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