Loose Ends


Christmas comes a week late when you’re this hip hop. Don’t say we never do anything for our readers.

Stan Ipcus – Mr. Wonderful | Wifey Material off Bachelor Party

Filth – Golden Child

John Brown – Another Day In Da Burbz off A Revival You Can Believe In

Kidd Domination feat. Harlems Cash & Yung Berg – Like Mine

Mixtape: Marsha Ambrosius – Yours Truly (Produced by Focus)

Jay-Z & Kanye West – Single Ladies (Government RMX)

K-Os – The Avenue | Zambony

PreZZure – New Years Eve

Newmillie feat. Tre Williams – Untitled

Gifted – Music

Video: Mindbender feat. Dank – F.A.I.L. (Produced by Rich Kid)

dviousmindZ – Wisdom

Par-City – World Tour | Tyra Banks | Jealousy | School’s In Session

Wordspit – Not A Joke | Rap City | Fresh Gear | Chop Suey (Snippet)

Happy new year, be safe, and don’t forget to Twitter it up in ’09:

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61 Responses to “Loose Ends”

  1. cOLD Says:

    Happy new year, be safe, and don’t forget to Twitter it up in ‘09:

    ^yea same to you guys, twitter cutting them checks for the ’09 huh. I aint mad.

  2. Legend Says:


  3. nation Says:

    white boy wednesdays in full effect

  4. sleep Says:

    Wtf white got their own days. Fuck waiting till inaugaration every weekend is black man weekend starting friday.

  5. elgindotcom Says:

    J.J evans get gunned up and clapped quick.

  6. D. Billz Says:

    Furiou$tylez aka OC Bobby Johnson Says:
    December 31st, 2008 at 5:02 pm

    *dapz to all the angry black men*

    ^ *reciprocates angry dappage*

  7. Furiou$tylez aka OC Bobby Johnson Says:

    nahright never does anything for its readers.

  8. Furiou$tylez aka OC Bobby Johnson Says:

    *dapz dbillz*

  9. eskay Says:

    >>nahright never does anything for its readers.

    fux would beg to differ.

  10. eskay Says:


  11. Legend Says:

    Ayo?… Charles Barkley been listening to The Wave lately with that tattoo joke..?

    from eskay twitter: http://tinyurl.com/a7drhm

  12. Legend Says:

    Ayo?… C.Barkley been listening to The Wave lately with that tattoo joke..?

    from eskay twitter: tmz.com/2008/12/31/barkley-all-i-really-wanted-was-oral-sex/

  13. landLORD Says:

    Furiou$tylez aka OC Bobby Johnson Says:

    and the system is ran by crackers.

    so fuck em.

    nobody is layin blame on the random white muthafucka who gets up and goes to work everyday and pays his taxes like i do…


    church …

  14. Money First Says:

    Happy New Year http:/goonstown.com yall check out that Money First featuring Uncle Murda “Rap Juggernauts”

  15. coal bee Says:

    what’s up with that filth? where the fuck is that dude from, and why haven’t i heard of him before?

  16. D. Billz Says:

    September 9, 2009 >

  17. benhameen Says:

    lol at eskay…..hello and good night

  18. benhameen Says:

    oh yeah best hov pic ever

  19. hollywoodheat Says:

    *hates on eskay taking so long*

    *sees k-0s*


  20. PLUG Says:

    *sips henny*

  21. Big Homie Says:

    I love Loose Ends

    *sips Henney*

    This house party is at a club house. Flat screens everywhere, pool tables, a huge bar, mad sofas, food, drinks, women. Justr started so it should get sicker.

    Glad I’m not at a club or outside. Not om NYE. Saw too many cops on my way here.

  22. Big Homie Says:

    Nice condominium too. There’s a private theater next door and we have acess. Should of brought my porn DVDs

  23. Strongchef Says:

    I wouldve liked a new jay verse on that rmx but whatever

  24. PLUG Says:

    I just moved into a condo. I aint got no theater… just a old white man who keeps parkin in my car port… and he only does it when it snows… next time he does it I will punch him in the face

  25. g7 Says:

    1st in 09′

  26. d203hustle Says:

    Back safe from DC(check points) happy new years fools…fuck is a depression lolz….and oh yeah stay on ya grind in 09

  27. D. Billz Says:

    Reporting live from Latin palace. The heffas in here off the hook. Kinda tipsy…


    2144 are more sober than i am right now!…………..lil waynee continues to blast from the speakers

  29. Legend Says:

    ayo img so fuckefd up..
    happy n ew year to alll,…


    Nahrigtj coments >

  30. Legend Says:


  31. D. Billz Says:

    I by just met the worst Dru g deAle r of all time. Lil
    mexican nigga tried to sell me coke. GTFOH. I don’t trust nobody in a fake jersey and plaid bubble vest.

  32. D. Billz Says:

    How u sell coke and work at Chick Fil A ?

  33. the real truth Says:

    Wat Up Nah

    Smh @ tht Pic of Hov…..

    That Ko-S trak is ill

  34. landLORD Says:

    Hov look like the Grinch That Stole Christmas …

  35. landLORD Says:



  36. landLORD Says:

    Hov & Bleek


  37. Nanyanen Says:

    Happy New Year, Nah.

    Hangovers is a muthafucker, aint it?

  38. lold Says:


    Chamillionaire has also dropped a song…

    Internet Nerds Revenge

  39. nirun Says:

    happy 2009 nahggers,
    wishin y’all a prosperous and safe new year

  40. nirun Says:

    happy 2009 nahggers,
    wishin y’all a prosperous and safe new year

  41. plug Says:

    … no hangover, but the young ear drums hurt

  42. nirun Says:

    smoked 2 much and slept through new years

    bad buzzed at reaching homie’s new year jam, shit aint the same without some poon

  43. Torae Says:

    Happy New Year Eskay & Nation…

  44. Eastern_Digital Says:

    happy new year nahggers!

  45. The Veteran Says:

    haha happy new years people!

  46. Nanyanen Says:

    fun fact: 2009 is The Year of the Cow according to the Chinese zodiac.

  47. Dr Flav Says:

    Lol @ the drunk comment attempts on here. Happy New Year! 9/9/09, I heard that!

  48. D. Billz Says:

    9/9/09, I heard that!

    ^ You already know…

  49. D. Billz Says:

    This track is lava. Listened to this about 5 times yesterday…


    Maxy he so wavy yo… ol’ girl, she wanted that 80 a blow… she said Biggy / I feel freaky like Miss Piggy / won’t you hop up like a froggie / then jump out and do you doggie

  50. Big Homie Says:

    *just gettin up*


    http://www.myspace.com/newmillz the hardest motha fucka ..ya digg

  52. Big Homie Says:

    Wow New Year starts off right


    2dopeboyz has ALL Free MoM tracks in one.

  53. landLORD Says:


  54. Big Homie Says:

    Wow New Year starts off right


    2dopeboyz has ALL Free MoM tracks in one.

  55. landLORD Says:

    that Eminem song from the last post was pure trash … dude is the Pete Maravich of hiphop … dead …

  56. Big Homie Says:

    Opps wrong link



  57. Mindbender Says:

    thanks, eskay!
    create the best hip hop new year you can, everyone!

  58. HAZ SOLO Says:


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