Freeway – Don’t Tell Me It’s Over


Day 31, and it’s a wrap. I gotta hand it to Free, he went in.

Freeway – Don’t Tell Me It’s Over

Produced by Blunt

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51 Responses to “Freeway – Don’t Tell Me It’s Over”

  1. D. Billz Says:

    If there’s one thing I hate more than liars and thieves is HYPOCRITES…

    So I’m at the homie’s crib last night tryin’ to get an out-of-shop trim on my beard (he’s a barber). He had one ninja in the seat in front of me and some shorty that he invited over (that he actually met through a chick I was supposed to bag, w/e w/e). Anyway, we was talkin’ about how we don’t listen to radio but I said I think Baisden’s show is cool. He goes off sayin’ that, “I don’t like Michael Baisden, he is a coon/buffoon.” I’m like, what do you mean, how? He’s like, “well on one side, he preaches that he’s for the brothas/sistas, and then he talks about he’s lookin’ out for the whites/latinos/asians too and he has a white wife” (sidenote: I’m not sure if Baisden has a sho’nuff Caucasian wife, but I’m not sure if she’s Black either). Now, at this moment, I damn near wanted to put him on blast because before he met his current “love” (a Black chick), he was chasing around this white chick. Buying her gifts, sleeping at her crib whilst meeting the parents, talking long-term relationship, etc. But because the white chick wouldn’t submit to him (i.e. she was a wigger, too much attitude), he decided to not take it to that level. Yet he still be on the phone with her, buying her son Xmas gifts, and accepting gifts from her as well. Now, back to my point… I may not agree with everything Baisden says or does, but how DARE you try to throw another Black man under the bus when you do the same thing? I’m not impressed or fooled by those Egyptian tats on your arm fam. GTFOH. And furthermore, Mike has a nationally syndicated radio show that has to appeal to more than just Blacks (translation: How much do you think whitey is gonna let him get away with on air?) If you don’t like the show, then say that you don’t like the show. But calling another Black man a coon/buffoon without substantial evidence is a STRONG statement. AND you’se a hypocrite for even mentioning his non-Black wife when you PURPOSELY be on the hunt for snow bunnies. Shits disgusting b.

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