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Video: GLC & The Game Freestyle

This has to be ancient considering Jayceon is rocking a G-Unit shirt and spitting lyrics from a pre-Dre album.

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10 Responses to “Video: GLC & The Game Freestyle”

  1. the watcherz Says:

    @ Watcherz… stop smoking crack, when Nas made that statement it was to open people’s eyes to what criteria’s they were allowing hip hop to become… the elements were being lost to ring tone rappers and bubble gum bullshit… Nas saying that, enhanced hip hop, imagine if we let it stay and Nas never opened his mouth… D4L would still be in heavy rotation, we’d have alot more Soulja Boys, every week a new dance would be coming out (remember those days???)… Nas saved hip hop by challenging artist to be exactly that ARTIST!!! instead of trying to write a quick jingle for a damn ringtone… He did the culture a big favour which is way now we have groups like Slaughter house being form and the essence of making a good rhyme, honestly even Wayne took that to heart and put out some soem rhymes that were worth listening to, before he got hopped up on codien… Nas did hip hop a favour

    and i agree with you. Im sure nas meant well by the concept and i fully understood of how hip hop is dead was meant to be tooken. but niggas aint grasp it that way. They just thought hip hop is dead damn it sucks fuck it i dnt like it instead actually making it better. His attention dnt matter its the results of his actions that really mean sumthing. Hip hop is dead had a negitive affect on rappers during the 2 year it came out. and to be honest im starting to see good things come out….do i think niggas was ready for hip hop was dead idk to be honest. but the results of hip hop was dead is clear

  2. Big Homie Says:

    CiCi: Clubs on Sat to go to is Lux on NY ave and 7th, Layla on Florida ave and 5th, Station 9 and Republic both on U St

  3. A tribe called quest Says:


  4. rex hussla Says:

    Plain and simple…if anybody took offense to Hip-Hop Is Dead they were probably part of the problem.

    If you weren’t insecure about what you’re doing just keep it moving.

  5. Darth Cipher Says:

    do i think niggas was ready for hip hop was dead idk to be honest. but the results of hip hop was dead is clear

    the result was better music being made, and the bullshit began to seize… HHID had a bigger impact then “Nigger” did, and IMO was a better album… so if you ask me, based on the music and overall response after the album, the message from HHID actually did what it was meant to do, seeing how so many people stepped their game up after it was dropped

  6. A tribe called quest Says:

    is glc the “never releasing” or still not doing something guy i forgot

  7. Legend Says:

    lmfao @ The Game in a G-Unit shirt.

  8. A tribe called quest Says:

    *relieved college football is finally almost over*

    *kicks self in nuts for realizing that only leaves room for continuing coverage of college basketball with depleting talent*

  9. Sais Says:

    Was just a little hole in the wall like thumbtacks

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