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Video: Muffy – Gone Hate

I clicked on this on the strength of the screenshot but I couldn’t do it and had to hit mute a few seconds in. I suggest you do the same.

Nice scenery though.

Produced by Bangladesh if that does anything for you.

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20 Responses to “Video: Muffy – Gone Hate”

  1. KARMA Says:


  2. D. Billz Says:

    I sat through the torture because I was diggin’ the voice. One of the types that you DON’T allow to make registrations at formal restaurants. However, the type you DO allow to run to the corner store because she don’t take shit from the Arabs/Indians.

    Of course the song is ashy ash cheeks.

    On the Hit Scale, I’d beat.

  3. eskay Says:

    i think you know why.

  4. D. Billz Says:

    ashy ass cheeks*

  5. D. Billz Says:

    The screen shot is worth it. I’d make both of them patty cake that wall.

  6. Digital Scales Says:

    *blogs from the perspective of joe budden*

    *calls eksay pussy*

    *eskay slaps my brother*

    *takes high road*

    *fights with wifey about fab cd in the car*

  7. nessnice Says:


  8. Eastern_Digital Says:

    I just figured out that this wierd noise in the beginning of A Milli means “Bangladesh”…SMH @ myself

    Where you goin? Aint shit in the truck
    Stop actin like the hammer there when your camera there
    you rat on me, i’ma chop off your mother ear

    Sheek >>>>

  9. NotU Says:

    I’d hit it

  10. Eastern_Digital Says:

    *blogs from the perspective of Ransom*

    *gets aggy cuz Joey went to my house*

    *goes to Joey’s homie’s crib*

    *argues with his brother at the front door to phone him*

    *crew member loses patience and ike’s the nigga in the door*

    *OMG WTF?!*

    *denies crew member studio time for the next months*

    *puts on vest*

    *sleeps with it*

  11. k1ng Says:

    aint’ that bangladesh’s shorty?

  12. rrahha Says:

    sorry ‘skay, 7 seconds. the talk show, crimestopper voice intro did it for me…

  13. rrahha Says:

    well….hmmm….in this day and age it’s another “my neck, back”. she look kinda good though, got alittle roxy reynolds in her.

  14. THEKID Says:

    Did this ninja just bring her a PB&J sammich on some “baller” shit?

  15. damn yo Says:

    WTF!!!! this Chick sux ass

  16. Bueller? Says:

    DJ Drama was right. No gatekeepers in hip hop.

  17. MD315 Says:

    This is no underground gem, but this shit is hot. U gotta let a song be what it is and this is a simple pop song…that happens to be pretty good.

  18. dameSTATUS Says:

    MUFF DOG! That’s the lil homie from CAU. She was in the So Fresh, So Clean video.

    Know about it.

    Hi Muffy!,


  19. ChicaGOrilla Says:

    She was also in TIP DRILL. The pool scene topless. Hello STROKERS. I think Coach K manages her. Be with her ALL the time

  20. FireBrand Says:

    Coach K DOES manage her. They need to get a video out for Hollyweerd.
    She’s very pretty, fine even.

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