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Pics: Hot 97’s 2008 Holiday Bash Concert


At the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale.

juelz-santana.jpg kid-cudi-2.jpg jim-jones-kid-cudi.jpg juelz-santana-jim-jones.jpg kid-cudi.jpg plain-pat-kid-cudi.jpg jim-jones-dj-alamo.jpg ludacris.jpg ludacris-2.jpg cipha-sounds-ron-browz-dj-enuff-busta-rhymes.jpg young-jeezy-2.jpg ti.jpg juelz-santana-spliff-star-busta-rhymes.jpg ludacris-busta-rhymes.jpg ti-2.jpgyoung-jeezy.jpg dj-alamo-ludacris.jpg young-jeezy-busta-rhymes.jpg spliff-star-cipha-sounds-young-jeezy-busta-rhymes-ebro.thumbnail.jpg

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10 Responses to “Pics: Hot 97’s 2008 Holiday Bash Concert”

  1. bkJUICE Says:

    fab won

  2. Blackwater Says:

    On some real, I got a cuzo that cant keep his dick out my throwaways but I dont love the nigga no less. He hit my last jaun that I really had feelings for after we broke up. That took a while to come to grips with but at the end if the day, its all the same. I got a new chick that I’m actually engaged to, so its gravy and I wished him the best.

    Ran is a how as nigga, and also you only saw the nigga hand go at the other dude but didnt see the actual slap. Dont be surprised if it come to light that they paid that nigga or some shit and he didnt get hit at all

  3. A tribe called quest Says:

    is that t.I in the taxis lol

  4. Blackwater Says:

    that Ran footage seem staged. The whole time Ran was looking like he regrets doing that dumb shit. He spooked of Budden. He let his mans hype him up and now he scared as shit

  5. Blackwater Says:

    look at Rans eyes that whole video… he look so uncomfortable for real

  6. Mic Lowrey Says:

    Ran did look a little shook afterwards in that cab, I think he know them Forest boys is going to be downtown, he might actually have to move now, that is the bugged thing about it, they said he might have to move, and than he goes out and do something where he may have to move, and where he live is not gutta or anything, it is in the spanish area, thats where Akon dudes use to be at Block Royal and all that, but dude really started something, that dude they smacked was in the Joe Budden video that was is the dude Giovanni house, he was in the chair, he cool dude, mess with the chicks, he had the ML flying around a few years ago, curly head dude, but the dude on the tape with Buddens is a knuckle head, them Forest boys going downtown, Ran may need GST for back up or something, he better try to get Pride in them a deal to help out, Land Speed will be a good look for them, its going to be a cold winter in JC, don’t be shocked somebody end up popped.

  7. lold Says:

    Chamillionaire has released a sampler for his new Mixtape:
    (just in case you want to post it on nahright…)


  8. new york is SOFT Says:


  9. Hardest in NY (ask ur bitch) Says:

    Fuck Jersey City, the only buzz them bum ass ninjas can get is off dumb shit like this… How about making some tracks that ninjas might actually wanna listen to. either Budden or Ran is living a lie, and the truth will come to the light soon enough. Budden musta been dusted up in front of that applebee’s bc he antagonized the situation. Now, he just need to shoot the fair with Ran for the world to see, TI style… hahaha

  10. mixed Beanz Says:

    Busta had the best performance…then T.I.

    its funny because I seen the person who took these pics she looked like keisha coles mom dancing just a lot more thicker lol

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